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Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 5 Usual Behaviors That Distance Women from You

You think: “Hey, I’m a good guy. Why don’t girls like me?” Well, maybe it’s small mistakes that are separating you from having plenty of girls attracted to you.

Fret not. There are lots of girls out there. With the right advice, you can naturally make girls adore you.

Here are five common reasons why women dislike a man. I hope it is of service.

1. You are too nice

Men that are too friendly are repellent to women on a sexual level.

If you constantly complain about why girls don’t like me, you should address how you behave with girls.

Behaviors that are too nice for women:

  • You agree to everything she says
  • You send too many hearts and emojis through text
  • You constantly ask her how she is / how she slept
  • You reply to her within seconds
  • You repeatedly offer to do favors for her

Being a nice guy or taking the friendship route doesn’t work to get a girlfriend.

Speak with women effectively and escalate interactions toward intimacy by learning womanese.

If you often run out of things to say to women, or you are tired of seeing the girls you like sleep with other guys, then I highly recommend you reading Cory Smith’s Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to being with you.

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2. You don’t take the initiative

You’d be surprised at the number of women that would like to go out with you simply if you ask them. Maybe some girls like you, but don’t expect them to manifest it.

Women don’t want to lead interactions with men. Doing so goes against their nature. They would appear as easy to get.

In your mind, you say: ‘women don’t like me.’ Maybe you are not doing enough to bring them to you.

Don’t care about getting rejected. You’ll get infinitely better results with women by taking action.

If you expect women to make the first move, you could wait forever.

3. You have a boring lifestyle

Women are attracted a lot by the lifestyle of a man. They wish to live the same exciting life as him.

Therefore, you need to switch Netflix and video games for more interesting hobbies.

What’s more, you can make a girl like you more if you go on action dates.

When you invite a girl on a date, occasionally avoid the traditional places. Stay away from the movie theater or boring restaurants.

Make women have fun with you, and you’ll never ask yourself why don’t girls like me again.

4. You talk to girls like you talk to guys

Despite what many people say on the internet, women, and men are — very — different. That includes how we communicate.

To make girls attracted to you, you must know how to spike their interest.

You achieve so by tapping into her feelings. Making her laugh, making her happy, even making her angry works. 

But for anything in the world, do not bore them.

Don’t appeal to her logical side. Women don’t care about how smart you are. They don’t like to talk about academic subjects.

The famous Harsh Strongman, a.k.a, @lifemathmoney on Twitter, recently wrote about not talking to men and women the same way.

5. You appear needy

Ironically, men who need women the less are the ones who actually have them. So, what are you doing wrong?

Firstly, you need to avoid being too nice. That’s a clear suggestion of neediness.

Secondly, men should realize that having a woman is not a synonym for success. It is ten times better to be single than in a toxic relationship.

You can enjoy being alone, as it gives you time to build the person you want to be.

Getting a girlfriend is often the byproduct of having a great mind and body. 

Therefore, don’t chase girls. Don’t lose time and energy trying to win their approval.

If you are a good man, you’ll eventually attract a good woman. In the meanwhile, take some days to sharpen your pickup skills. 

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