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Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Talk To Me? 5 Classic Reasons Why Girlfriend Won’t Talk to You

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Your girlfriend has suddenly gone cold, and you inevitably think of the worst-case scenario. Has she stopped loving you? Is it something insignificant? Why doesn’t my girlfriend talk to me?

All relationships have ups and downs, and your girlfriend not talking to you is pretty common, actually. However, sometimes it is an indicator of something not going well.

Here are 5 of the most classic reasons why a girlfriend stops talking to you overnight.

Why Doesn’t My Girlfriend Talk To Me?

Depending on the stage of your relationship, your girlfriend not talking/texting you can be something positive. For example, it can be a test to upgrade your status in her life.

But, other times, it means you did something wrong.

1. She is having a rough time at work

Maybe there isn’t a complicated reason behind your girlfriend’s behavior. Perhaps she only needs time for herself.

Don’t try to act super kind or give her advice. When your woman experiments a bad day at work, she doesn’t want you acting like she can’t solve the problem herself.

If she’s not talking/texting you, leave her alone and talk to her the next day like you didn’t notice she was more quiet than usual.

Of course, if she brings the subject herself, listen to what happened. Validate her feelings and maybe give her some advice. After all, she wants her boyfriend to be a leader.

2. She’s testing you

Women test men to make sure they will marry an alpha male. They do it in many ways, such as throwing tantrums and going cold on you. After a couple of days, she should be back to normal.

If you think the relationship is going well and she’s only testing you, here’s what you should do: nothing. Don’t ask her if she’s mad or anything.

You pass her tests by acting the closest to natural as possible.

  • Go to work
  • Don’t text her, and don’t panic if she replies late
  • Don’t buy her a gift
  • Don’t try to “fix” the situation

Convey the message that you would move on with your life as if nothing happened if she were to leave you. Again, it’s just a test. Expect more eventually.

3. You have recently failed several tests 

If you didn’t receive the message that women test men every once in a while, you’ve likely failed a couple of tests already. Bad news, she might be losing attraction.

Fret not. You can rectify this situation by displaying the behavior that your girl wants from a man. Act confidently, be assertive, and lead the relationship.

Be careful not to try to make things up overnight. Panic could make you do something counterproductive such as showering her with compliments or giving her too much time and attention.

I’ll leave a link to a post you may like. Meanwhile, act alpha and wait for the next test to start impressing your girlfriend.

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4. You have been acting too nice

Girls like attention, but they loathe being pedestalized. Acting too romantic without her reciprocating your efforts will pull her away.

Examples of this behavior:

  • Texting her often and with too many heart emojis
  • Telling her beautiful every other hour
  • Offering your help in every minor issue she has

As a result, your girlfriend sends you a disguised message by not talking to you. She says you need to calm down a bit. Act more masculine.

Believe it or not, women love being romantic and pursuing men they like. You must maintain an aloof behavior sometimes so she can act loving toward you.

5. You are neglecting her

Every woman is different, and what for one might be too nice for another one could be neglection. However, even the most popular and hard-to-get girls need some form of affection.

The following behaviors could make a girl pull away from you, thus making her not talk to you:

  • Not dancing with her at parties
  • Spending too much time with friends/watching sports
  • Not taking her out to dinner once a week
  • Not helping with the house chores

Women like doing fun stuff and, if possible, posting a picture on Instagram. Likewise, you can’t leave her all the house responsibilities.

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