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Why Does She Tell Me About Other Guys? She Keeps Talking About Other Guys Even Though She Likes Me

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You may be a little insecure when the girl you like mentions someone else. Is she trying to make you jealous? Or should you be genuinely worried?

More often than not, it means nothing. Women have male friends, and that’s good — it means you have good taste in women.

The good news is that your girl likes you. However, the downside is that 99 percent of these guys are behind her, doing their best to change her mind.

Again I tell you to stay calm. Most or even all of these guys are simps that will put themselves in the friendzone.

So, the first thing you need to do is learn how not to be a simp. Once you know how simps behave, you’ll hardly worry if your girlfriend mentions other guys.

Now, let’s check what it means when she keeps talking about other guys.

She Likes Me But Talks To Other Guys

You are getting closer and closer to a girl. You are almost a couple.

However, you are worried that she maintains constant communication with one or even more other guys. Should you dump her?

Don’t panic. All women in the world talk to other guys.

In fact, a lot of chatting is counterproductive for men when they try to seduce a girl. That’s a sure way to end in the friend zone.

If you like this girl and you think she likes you, do the following:

  • Always keep conversations brief
  • Talk to her mostly to ask her out on dates

Women don’t like men who spend too much time talking on the phone. Women like men who are busy, have ambition and are purpose-driven.

Why Does She Tell Me About Other Guys

A young man might feel worried if he is in a relationship with a girl, and she starts mentioning other guys. But should he be nervous?

Well, more often than not, he shouldn’t. A much worse scenario is that she hangs out with other men.

If your girl is telling you about her conversations with other men, the reason could be one of the following three.

She wants to see how you react

When women start to really like a man, they are VERY likely to test him. For example, they start replying late to text messages, they could throw a tantrum, or…

She tells you some other guy probably likes her.

Women like confident men. As you may imagine, your job is to remain calm.

Prove to her that you are a cool guy who is not jealous. Well, maybe only a bit jealous to show you care about her.

What you should NOT do is get angry. Also, don’t get super romantic because you are afraid to lose this woman.

Finally, don’t forget to mention you have female friends too. Jealousy works great most times to get a woman more into you.

She wants to make you jealous

Talking again about tests, you should know that some women feel the urge to make their men jealous.

However, this scenario is not always something negative for you. Maybe, your girlfriend wants more attention from you!

You are thinking, how is this possible. Well, perhaps, she wants to make you jealous because she felt you were pulling away.

That way, talking about other guys becomes a way to have a bit more control over you. Remember what I told you a few paragraphs ago?

Exactly. Once in a while, display a bit of jealousy.

You can also simply ignore the part where she mentions another guy.

A bit of jealousy excites women. Getting angry or throwing a tantrum doesn’t.

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She is insecure

This scenario happens for two reasons. She is either insecure about herself or insecure about you.

A woman may display insecurity by telling you that other guys flirt with her. Therefore, she needs to remind herself and the world that multiple men are after her.

It’s not personal. These girls need self-verification because they have a bit of low self-esteem.

I guess we all go through streaks of low confidence. If you think this is the case with your girl, ignoring her will make you pass her test.

The second scenario is she is insecure about you. Specifically, uncertain if you love her as much as she loves you.

Although this sounds good — and it is — you should still be careful. If that feeling grows too much, your girl could walk away.

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