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Why Does Nobody Love Me? 5 Characteristic Behaviors That Alienate You From Others

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Are you tired of the unfairness of life? Do you often ask yourself why does nobody love me? Well, maybe it’s not life. It’s you.

It’s not that you are a bad person. You just unconsciously make it hard for people to love you.

Even when you are trying to invite people into your life (see point #1), your social skills let you down.

If you can correct the following five issues, people will get closer to you. You are a good, lovable person. Remember that all the time. It’s all about honing your social skills.

1. You are not 100 percent authentic

You can make people like you for some time if you pretend to be someone you’re not. You probably act richer, wiser, and cooler when you meet new people.

However, these lies never last long. The day will arrive when people find out and stop liking you so much.

Your socioeconomic background doesn’t matter. You can only build long-lasting relationships by being 100 percent honest about yourself. Only then you can know for sure that someone texts you or hangs out with you because they find you a good person.

Money doesn’t make people more likable. Resist the urge to fake your personality, and you’ll see that several people you know love you.

2. You have poor habits

When we have really terrible habits, we unintentionally push people away. Few people admire or like to hang out with someone they think is a liability or may get them into trouble.

Consequently, it is complicated to make people love us if you barely work and spend your money on drinks or cigarettes. That’s not to mention consuming adult content.

Watching adult movies and videos is the number one habit single people have in common. It means you have unresolved psychological issues with women.

You develop a distorted image of women that makes you fail in your interactions with females — and also makes it difficult to build friendships with men.

When you have healthy habits such as running and reading, you get a lot better at socializing. Try changing your bad habits at once and see how people will get closer to you.

3. You go after girls romantically just after meeting them

If you are here because you’ve never had a girlfriend, there’s a good chance you’ll identify yourself with this point — and the next one.

Many guys fail when trying to make a female their girlfriend because they set a romantic frame way too fast. In the first place, women don’t like being chased.

It’s ok to be the first one to say hello. Girls won’t do the hard work. However, you will push girls away if you treat them like a girlfriend after a week of meeting them.

You need to let people invest in you. Strong relationships are built with reciprocity.

4. You think women like nice guys

I’m always telling my readers they must forget about 90 percent of their “seduction tactics.”

When you are excessively nice to women, they see you as desperate. They might be polite to you, but they are not developing romantic feelings toward you.

Be aloof and appear busy. If a girl is not into you, there’s not much you can do, but playing hard to get sometimes at least won’t make you lose those girls who see you as attractive.

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5. You subconsciously act narcissistic

Narcissism, selfishness, and unkindness are common traits among those who feel that nobody loves them. Anyone who wants to receive love has to give something first.

And you have to give it from your heart. You can’t expect to do a favor for a gorgeous girl and expect her to love you immediately.

Have an honest talk with yourself and realize those areas of your life where you take more than you give.

People are naturally attracted to givers and repelled by egocentrics. It’s a survival thing.

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