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Why Do Girls Ghost? 5 Typical Reasons Why Women Flake and Ghost On Men

Every man goes through this obnoxious moment called getting ghosted by a girl. You thought this girl was the one, but now you’re full of doubts.

So, you ask yourself: why do girls ghost? Should I forgive her and continue to court this woman?

A girl has several reasons to cancel a date or suddenly disappear from your life. In some cases, you’ll have to cut loose from this woman.

Take note of these five reasons why women ghost on guys.

1. She’s busy / not in the mood

As boys grow up, they must realize that not everyone has infinite time. Even though things were going well with a girl, there will be periods where she’ll be too tired to socialize — at least with you.

Yes, that’s bad news for you. If this girl was in love with you, she would most likely not ghost you. However, it doesn’t mean you should stop dealing with her at all, as she might be taking a break from everybody.

If you think she’s ghosting you because she’s busy, the best you can do is to respect her decision and also take a step back. Why? You would look more mysterious to her after a period of no contact.

As a result, you should have a very exciting conversation due to the increased respect she now has for you.

2. She has feelings for someone else

Even though we don’t have an official relationship with someone, we tend to be faithful to them because of love. Therefore, if a girl you like suddenly stopped texting you, she might have developed feelings for someone else.

If a girl starts liking another man, she won’t want to be seen online too often. She doesn’t want this guy to think she talks to everybody. So, she ghosts you.

She doesn’t reply to your messages nor accepts your invitations to go for a drink.

3. She likes being single/is afraid of commitment

We inevitably meet people throughout our lifetime. Typically, at school, work, and maybe some hobby like french class or going to the gym. And sometimes, we like some of these people more than others.

However, if a girl starts having feelings for a guy, her subconscious might tell her that it’s too dangerous to continue developing these emotions. Men might go through the same, but it rarely happens because guys are more interested in having sex, so they usually go all the way with women.

If you suspect the girl you like is afraid of commitment or getting hurt by a man, you’ll have to be a bit more patient with her. Also, making her a bit jealous could work too.

On the other hand, if a girl ghosts you because she likes being single, the best option is to stop investing in her and turn your focus to another woman if your goal is to establish a serious relationship.

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4. Her feelings for you are changing

Even though ghosting is rude, it might be the only way for her to think about what she’s feeling right now. She doesn’t want to invest more in you — and get your hopes up — before she figures it out.

It’s better that you allow her to get her thoughts in order. The last thing you want is to be with a woman who thinks about another man when she is with you.

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5. She wants to see your reaction

If you’re a very young man, you better know soon that women test men a lot.

Doing tests allows girls to gauge the kind of men they’re getting into. They don’t want an immature man that gets mad at the slightest sign of trouble. Otherwise, how will that man take care of her if he can’t keep calm under pressure?

So, how do you deal with this situation? Ghost her a little bit too. A few days of no contact will show that you know other girls — exactly what she’s looking for.

Also, if she ghosted you because she genuinely doesn’t want to talk to you again, going no contact will allow you to disappear from her life without looking like a dork.

Don’t double text her, and don’t call her repeatedly to know if everything is ok.

Never chase a woman, or she will keep running away.

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