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What to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number: How, When, And What To Text Women To Secure A Date With Them

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Having a girl agree to exchange phone numbers is just half the job. Some men struggle in putting up a message that compels her to go out with them.

And it’s not just what to text a girl after getting her number. When you send the message is also fundamental to not scare the girl away.

Take note of the following to increase your success rate when setting up a first date with a stranger.

How to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

You met a beautiful girl, and you want to go out with her. You can achieve so following this 3-step process.

First, men have to briefly mention going out on a date with the girl when asking her for her phone number. You want to make your intentions clear to avoid the friendzone.

Then, you must introduce yourself via text even if you already did so in person. You’d be amazed at how easily someone can forget a name even if your first impression was good.

Finally, it’ll be time to ask her out. You’ll know more about it in the next section.

However, remember to lead the conversation and be assertive when setting up the date. 

Don’t ask her: “Do you want to go out with me someday?”

Instead, you should say something like: “I have free time next Friday, let’s go for a drink.”

Men should not set up the date the day after the conversation because it conveys you have nothing good going on in your life.

When to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

As you may know, texting a girl too soon or too late can ruin your plans of going out with her. What works most of the time is sending her two texts.

The first message is a short one a few minutes after she gave you her number. That text should only say something like: “Hi Chelsea. Charlie here.

The idea is that she makes sure she got the correct phone number and that she remembers your name. She doesn’t need to reply to that text.

Now, here comes the trick. Don’t ask the girl out the very next day you met her.

The ideal time is the day after that. You don’t want to wait too long either because the memory of you two having fun plays to your advantage.

So, send this woman a text after one whole day is gone, so you subconsciously tell her that you are not desperate for a female. That is the biggest turnoff for women.

With that text message, your goal is to start a short conversation with her, build a little rapport, and finally ask her out.

That brings us to the next subject…

What to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

Ok, you already texted her your name the night you met her. It’s time for the second and most important message.

Here, men should come up with a slightly fun/teasing text that includes something about the night you two met each other for the first time.

You should not include compliments, as asking her out is a compliment itself. Make a bit of fun of her, so she doesn’t feel pedestalized.

Other tips for this text are:

  • Call her by her name. Telling her even a slight compliment could make you appear needy.
  • Keep it short. A long paragraph shows you care too much.
  • If she replies, don’t send her another text immediately. Again, you don’t want to look desperate.
  • During the conversation, she should talk more than you.
  • Don’t wait too long before asking her out. 

Replying to one of her stories can be a good opportunity to ask her out. That way, it seems the story reminded you of her.

Also, the opening line becomes easier to write as you just have to say something about the picture.

However, if you can’t see her stories, just text her. Some examples for this text could be:

“Hi, Chelsea. Anything interesting in your day? Nice profile picture btw.”

Also, you can only send her a plain hello. When she replies, you ask her how her day went and keep the conversation going.

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