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Should I Tell Her I Like Her? How to Make the Right Decision

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Should I tell her I like her or wait? It is a question that thousands of men make to themselves at one point in their life. We’ve always had a massive crush on a cute girl.

Do I tell her and risk making things weird? Or keep it secret a bit longer but risk losing her to another man?

Both worst-case scenarios are awful. However, there could be a beautiful girl as a reward for your braveness.

When it comes to telling a woman that you like her, it is better to err on the side of boldness. Besides, waiting too long could even turn a woman off.

If a girl has feelings for you, you must escalate the relationship before she changes her mind.

Now, you are here to know IF she sees you in a romantic way. Otherwise, you don’t put yourself out there only to get rejected.

When a young man likes a girl, it’s easy for him to misinterpret the girl’s intentions. And I’m sure you don’t want to be one of those guys.

You don’t want to get heartbroken and look like a fool. However, remember that rejection is better than regret.

But still, let’s try to figure this puzzle out.

How to know if you should tell her that you like her

To know if you should tell a girl that you like her, you must determine if she really is into you. Nine out of ten times, young men mistake kindness for flirtation.

Text flirting

First, you need to subtly suggest romantic scenarios when talking to her. Give her compliments with a bit of sexual charge.

If a girl is into you, she’ll laugh, and you too will continue talking. When you are just a friend, you’ll notice she will put distance between the two.

For example, she will immediately call you ‘friend’ or might even stop replying.

If this latter scenario happens a couple of times, you should not reveal what you feel for her yet. She probably was just being kind to you.

Mixed signals

If a woman you like constantly sends you mixed signals, you should ruthlessly take them as a no.

Women like to test men once in a while. They do things to make you mad on purpose to see if you lose your temper.

However, canceling dates and texting you mostly to ask for favors are red flags for you. You are only a potential backup partner for her.

If you tell her that you like her, likely, it won’t end well for you.

She is using dating apps

If less than a week ago she went on a date with another guy, you should definitely not tell her what you feel. Ask her out and build from there.

After a couple of dates, she might stop using the app for a while. That will be your moment to escalate the relationship toward physical touch.

If you have success, make your move before she thinks you are not interested.

Signs she is into you

If the previous three points don’t rule out the possibility that she feels the same way about you, then very well. The following behaviors are common signs of a girl that likes you back:

  • She agrees to go out with you every time
  • She remembers lots of things you told her way back ago
  • It’s easy for you to make her laugh
  • She starts plans to see each other
  • She displays a bit of jealousy

Only a bit of jealousy in a woman is key, as she might be trying to disguise something bigger.

You can read about dozens of signs on the internet. However, these are the five most relevant according to my experience. Dwelling on other potential indicators might confuse you.

When should I tell her I like her?

As a general rule, a man should rarely tell a woman he has feelings for her. If ever.

Although a man should have the initiative to escalate things between the two. If a woman does not confess her feeling before you, it is usually a sign that she does not want something serious.

Let her be the one who says “I love you” first. Robert Glover, the author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, advises men preferably not to say “I love you” first to women during conversations.

You could tell a girl that you are in love with her, only if she constantly displays the five previously mentioned behaviors. Strictly the five signs.

In summary, telling a woman that you love her backfires nine out of ten times. 

Date women with the goal in mind of getting to kiss her. At this point, it’s where many women get romantically attached to a man.

Physical touch means that you now have the likely possibility of suggesting to start a relationship without being rejected.

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