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Should I Quit My Job To Focus On School? Make The Right Decision With This 5-Point Checklist

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Your future depends on making the right call. Should I quit my job to focus on school? How about if I lose a great career opportunity if I leave my work?

Many students face this same question. What’s the best they can do?

As a general rule, I recommend finishing school over keeping a job. However, it is common knowledge that several wealthy people were school dropouts.

Going to school or college allows you to make friends, learn a subject you like, and get a degree that opens you a couple of doors.

As for this checklist, we’ll be reviewing the main reasons to stop going to work to focus on your education.

1. You have high-income offers for when you finish your career

I could recommend leaving your job if you already know your career will get you a job soon. Even more, if you’re studying something like programming or engineering.

Don’t quit your job if you plan to make it as a footballer or Twitch Streamer. That’s not safe at all.

If you are in the final stages of your education, it makes sense to focus on that. Also, you must like what you’re studying.

I don’t believe much in finding your purpose in life. You can learn anything you want, and if you’re good at it, you’ll like it as a byproduct.

Making good money for several years opens the way for financial freedom because you can invest in passive income streams. So, enduring some hard months or even a year makes sense if your career gives you a higher return on investment (ROI).

2. You don’t have debts to pay immediately

People who mix work and education often do so because they have no other choice. They work, or they don’t pay rent.

But that might not be your case. You can handle the financial stress of not having an income.

Maybe you live with your parents, and they can handle the bills until you finish school. If so, then you can seriously consider leaving your job if you think you could fail your exams.

Of course, you’d have the responsibility to get excellent grades if your mom and dad will cover household expenses.

3. You hate your current job

There are days in which people wish so badly to quit a job that makes them miserable. In that case, it’s worth it to go all-in on your classes.

If you ever need to get paid again, the chances are you could find something less miserable.

Nevertheless, I only know a few wealthy people that didn’t start with crappy jobs. Personally, I spent half a year in a tedious job while I finished college.

The same goes for when you dream of being a Twitch streamer or YouTuber. Most of the guys you see now on your phone endured a couple of years working from 9 to 5.

Search for job opportunities. If you find something you might like, you could switch jobs. That way, you don’t give up on the extra income.

4. You have a talent you can exploit 

A 9-5 job is reliable. Every hour you work means a bit of money in your pocket.

But maybe, you have a special talent you can exploit if you complete your education. If you feel you are better than everyone in your classroom, it would be a good idea to continue studying.

Being the best means that you have better chances of finding a high-income salary in the future. It’s totally worth the shot if you are a young student.

5. You are willing to live frugally for some time

School is better when you have money to go out with friends. Maybe ask your crush out.

However, your job takes too much time away from you. Then, the solution could be to give up on some luxuries such as night outs and buying expensive clothes.

Before you say yes, I’ll tell you one of the 8 most powerful life forces for a human being. It’s called “keeping up with the Joneses.”

In simple terms, it means that people crave having what others buy. It requires knowledge and willpower to resist.

Now that you imagine yourself with fewer things than your classmates, you can make a better decision.

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