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Should I Leave Her on Read? 3 Reasons Why Men Are Better Finishing the Conversation First

In modern dating, read receipts on messaging platforms play a pivotal role in the progress of a relationship. Some people can get really offended when the person at the other end decides to unexpectedly stop replying for the day.

It has become a power game. Whether both parties realize this or not. So, the question is, should I leave her on read all the time? Should I never do it?

First of all, delaying your response does have some benefits for your seduction efforts. Experts say that can even cause someone to want you more.

However, we all agree that doing so is kind of manipulative.

Use this tactic carefully but don’t feel bad because she will use it on you at some point. Here are three reasons to leave a girl on read more than she leaves you. 

1. Gives men relationship power

You should see this tactic as a necessary evil. Although manipulative, it helps you convey the right message to a girl. 

For instance, occasionally leaving her on read lets her know you have other things going on in your life. A job, a side hustle, or hobbies. Women find more interesting this kind of men. 

Also, this dirty strategy says that you may have other girls in your life and that losing her is not the end of the world for you.

Few things a woman hates more than having to lead a relationship. If a man appears too responsive and overly available, a woman could feel like she is in control. As a result, she is likely to lose attraction.

2. Excessive attention drives women away

A woman does not feel particularly attracted to overly available and sweet guys. So here is where creating some space during a conversation makes sense.

The last thing you want to do is to bore a woman. And leaving her on read could be more effective than extending a chat with her until it becomes tedious.

You can be polite, though, and say you have something to do. This way, you can leave her on read without coming across as rude.

In general, intermittently rewarding a woman works very well to keep attraction and mystery. Don’t let her take your attention and affection for granted.

3. Makes her think about you

The path to a woman’s heart is through her mind. You’ll hardly succeed with a girl if you don’t matter to her in her mind.

Leaving a girl on read even for just an hour or two creates an aura of mystery around you, which she’ll spend some time trying to decipher.

This tactic gives you a psychological advantage inside a woman’s mind. You get ahead of all the nice guys who reply to women within a second and feel sad if she doesn’t text them.

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A ploy to use with prudence

As you might have already experienced, it’s a little — or very — unpleasant when you see the read receipt, and there is no answer from the other person.

Therefore, it’s your job to responsibly get the best out of this modern dating tactic. Using it and being used against.

First, don’t use it all the time. You could end up halting the good mood between a girl and you. 

But also, most girls use the leave-on-read maneuver to test if a guy is too soft and loses his temper if she doesn’t reply to him. Keep it cool and if she texts you after a while, tell her something casual like you were busy too and that she can reply whatever time works best for her.

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