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Should I Always Text Her First? 5 Crucial Reasons To Stop Texting A Girl First Every Time

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Texting a girl first on every occasion might backfire on you. How much? Well, sometimes the girl falls out of love.

You don’t need to tell me that’s not what you want.

I understand you feel over the moon when you talk to her. She seems to like you in return, so you think the right move is to text her, be polite… Maybe it’s not.

Relationships work better when women text the man first often. And you’re going to read why.

Sometimes the man can start the conversation more, especially if his relationship with his girlfriend is strong. But, excessive texting can still cause you trouble.

I Always Text Her First, Should I Stop?

If you always text your woman first, look at these 5 tips I give you today.

1. She has to invest in you too

There’s no attraction without investment. If you always text a girl first, you leave little room for her to invest in you.

If she doesn’t work for you, she won’t appreciate you. Even if you love talking to her, you have to be willing to spend a few days without contacting her.

Otherwise, she’ll take you for granted.

If you want to build a strong relationship with a woman, let her text you first, eat at the restaurants you like, do the things you find fun. You get the idea.

I assure you she will love more than a guy who showers her with flowers and gifts.

It’s not theory. I’ve seen thousands of guys fail to attract a girl with gifts — and I’m not even 30 yet.

2. You’ll appear needy

If you saw in a movie that being shy is cute to women, please erase that movie from your memory.

Women look for confident men — not needy guys.

You might want to text her out of love, but you’ll appear as if you need her to be happy.

A man’s mission is to protect his girl at all costs. She should rely on you and not the other way around.

So let her fulfill her feminine role and seek a girl who texts you first often.

3. She will feel pedestalized

Maybe you’ve heard: “treat her like a celebrity, and she’ll treat you like a fan.”

If you haven’t, today is a great day for you.

You must learn how to show your love for a woman. Why? Because women prefer men who are upon them on the social ladder.

When a man is repeatedly starting a conversation with a girl, he makes her feel important. Same reason why you shouldn’t buy her gifts all the time.

These actions decrease a man’s value and his power in the relationship.

At some point, the girl could think she deserves someone better and will break up with the guy.

4. You can’t gauge her interest in you

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, a man should NOT text the girl first every time.

If you’d like to seduce a woman you recently met, you need to gauge her interest in you.

However, if she’s not into you, she’d probably reply to you a couple of times and then leave your messages unread.

By persistently texting a woman, you won’t make her fall in love with you. Always have more than one girl in your life, and reward the one that texts you more often.

A beautiful woman might even like you. But texting her first over and over again will probably bore her and make her look somewhere else.

5. Makes you lose your relationship power

Even two people who love each other need to establish boundaries. Otherwise, they risk giving their partner too much power.

When either party texts first the other day after day, they develop dependency. They make the other partner feel superior.

As a man, you should always be leading the relationship, and you do so sometimes by putting distance between two.

Just like you must be willing to spend several days without texting this girl, you also have to be ready to leave the relationship.

Men who don’t convey the message that they will walk away if he’s not respected become puppets of the girl.

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