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People Don’t Take Me Seriously: 7 Strong Reasons Why People Don’t Take Others Seriously

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You are not getting younger, but still, people don’t take you seriously. This is affecting your professional and romantic life, and you want that to stop ASAP.

Sometimes, it is hard to make others stop seeing you as a teenager and treat you as an adult. Additionally, you fear that pointing out this situation can make things worse.

Fret not. Here are 7 fool-proof ways to make people take you more seriously.

1. Not dressing according to your age

Body language is fascinating. We communicate non-verbally a lot more than with words. Our gestures, posture, our clothes, and more. Everything conveys a message to the people we have in front of us.

However, people use our clothes more than anything else to determine their opinion of us.

If you constantly ask yourself why people don’t take me seriously, there is a good chance that you are not picking the right outfits for you. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Use clothes that fit you well, not loose
  • Avoid shirts with childish prints
  • Don’t use too many accessories
  • Shave your beard if it looks patchy

Dressing better also improves your confidence, and with the boost in self-esteem, people will start looking at you thoughtfully.

2. Talking about shallow topics all the time

An easy way to have people take you a bit more seriously is by reading non-fiction books. Doing so allows you to discover a myriad of topics you had no idea existed. You can have conversations about subjects other than Netflix, food, and gossip.

You should avoid gossiping more than anything else, especially if you are a man.

In the long-term, people might avoid you, afraid that you gossip about them with someone else.

As usual, allow me to recommend a couple of books to get you started. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a must-read. Also, you will enjoy Atomic Habits by James Clear.

3. Not establishing boundaries

Standing up for yourself is paramount for the success of any relationship. I’m not saying you should burst the moment someone says something funny about you, but you should walk away a bit when people disrespect you badly.

These are some boundaries you should set to have people take you seriously:

  • Demand 100 percent honesty
  • Demand space when you don’t have time for others
  • Respect for your opinions — unless you like pineapple pizza
  • Respect for your money

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4. Chasing people

You should understand that knowing someone takes time and that terms such as “friend” or “couple” should not be taken lightly. Also, the process of two people becoming friends should occur almost 100 percent naturally — you can speed it out by being charismatic.

Therefore, if you are constantly texting someone, forgiving them, and forcing interactions, these people will think you are desperate for attention.

Let people earn your friendship. Let them prove their loyalty to you. As a result, they will value whatever relationship they have with you 10x more than if you are the one always starting conversations.

5. Not doing what you say you’ll do

 ‘You are what you do, not what you say you‘ll do.’

— Carl Jung.

Men should always attempt to do what they say. Sometimes, having people believe your word is the most valuable asset you can have. Some of the most successful companies worldwide started by shaking hands — not a contract.

If you constantly tell people you will start exercising, studying, or something, and you don’t make it, your word inevitably loses value.

You wouldn’t believe how useful it is to remain silent sometimes.

6. Not having professional goals

People can’t take someone seriously if all he does is waste his money on buzz and sweets. He has a crappy job and has no intentions to find something better in the future.

When you have big professional ambitions, you arouse the admiration of others. Not everyone can handle a 9-5 job with a side hustle or learning a new language. Over time, your new business or skill can bring you more money, making others take you more seriously.

7. Looking out of shape

You would have 3x more authority if you were in shape. You don’t need to become the next Schwarzenegger, but you need to look healthy and have enough strength to move heavy things at home.

And why is this true? Because more than half of people don’t exercise. Many don’t even bother to take brisk walks a couple of times a week.

What’s more, nobody wants to get in trouble with someone with bigger arms than them.

Take care of your body and eat healthy food. After 6 months or a year, you would command a lot more respect.

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