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My Girlfriend Lost Feelings For Me: 5 Effective Tips On What To Do If Your Girlfriend Lost Feelings For You

Is your girlfriend pulling away a bit more every day? Young men often panic when they think: “my girlfriend lost feelings for me. What can I do?”

Luckily, you can spark the attraction again. The dynamics of a relationship are in constant change — and faster than you think.

Mistakes that kill attraction

Naturally, your girlfriend can lose feelings for you if you make some of the following rookie mistakes.

Fret not. You can fix these mistakes.

  • You and your girlfriend spent hours talking every day
  • You always said yes to her
  • You behaved Beta
  • You made her the center of your world

If you identify these errors on you, it’s time to get down to work. You can see a positive change in a short time.

What To Do If Your Girlfriend Lost Feelings For You

Are you not ready to let your girlfriend go? Take note of these five tips, and start winning her heart one more time.

girlfriend lost feelings for me

1. Don’t panic and give her space

This is the most relevant point in this post. So read carefully.

First, you should know that it is somewhat frequent that women pull away at some point in the relationship.

They might do it to test your reaction. You’ll read more in point number 5.

What most men do — and you should not — is panic. They start texting the girl all the time and asking if everything is ok.

That’s not what she wants.

You won’t make her attracted to you again by texting her every minute.

She will come back to you when she decides so. Attraction needs space to grow.

I understand you might be scared, and it seems counterintuitive to give her space. However, too much attention is what probably pushed her away first.

Good morning and good night-text messages every day kill attraction. So it is being available all day for her.

Fret not. You are here to learn how to get your girlfriend into you once again, and that’s what you’ll read.

First of all, don’t panic. Avoid sending too many text messages, and act a bit aloof even when she texts you first.

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2. Go out on new and exciting dates with her

Maybe you have a good time going out for dinner and watching movies at home. However, girls like to feel excited once in a while.

Plan activities you two have never done before. For example, you can play a sport or go to an escape room.

Make her have fun. And you too have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a girl to do something we like. Women enjoy discovering a new and exciting aspect of her man.

3. Improve your relationship value

Don’t let the fact of having a girlfriend stop your self-development. Otherwise, your woman will stop admiring you.

If your girlfriend is distant from you at the moment, maybe you should work on reminding her why she picked you.

Read more, exercise, and make more money.

You should invest in your self-improvement, either you’re single or in a relationship.

That way, you will never start from scratch if a girlfriend leaves you.

4. Realize you can find better

Your girlfriend surely means a lot to you. Even more, if she’s been with you in some rough times.

However, you and every man should know that if things don’t work out with a particular girl, it doesn’t mean that they never will with another.

Even divorced people get married a second time — or a third.

I’m not telling you to break up with your girlfriend the moment she pulls away a bit. I imagine you want to keep her.

What you must do is learn the right mindset.

Ironically, men aware that there are plenty of fishes in the sea are better at relationships.

Their abundance mindset prevents them from showing neediness, which is a major turn-off for women.

5. Pulling away is normal in women

Women like to test men. They don’t respond to your messages, have tantrums, and pull away.

Girls do so to gauge the power they have over you. And, sometimes, they act less loving because you are not responding the way women like.

Beware, if you fail too many tests, she could definitely lose feelings for you.

Don’t lose your mind when she displays signs of low attraction.

It could be a test, or simply your relationship reached a new phase. After all, the initial love never sustains over time.

Either way, you won’t get her love back by acting needy. Remember point number 1.

Finally, it’s good to be aware of your girlfriend’s feelings. If she’s not testing you and actually lost feelings for you, don’t invest any more time and let her go.

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