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Is It Normal to Stalk Your Crush? Stalking Crush on Social Media, in Person, and How to Stop

Young people can fall in love really hard when they have a crush. Consequently, they don’t want to miss any detail of their crushes’ lives. The girls or boys soon find themselves checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles throughout the day. But is it normal to stalk your crush on social media?

Well, it depends on what you call stalking. As I said, it is normal to have curiosity and, therefore, taking a look at someone’s social media. However, the amount of time you spend doing so is what could turn the stalking unhealthy.

Looking at the Instagram/Facebook page of that person only once a week or so is normal. Doing it one or more times per day is not.

Also, you should not go further into your crush activity on social media. 

For instance, reading old comments on photos or constantly checking when this person was last active. Doing so hurts your peace of mind and makes you less productive.

You can send your crush a text if you two are friends. Stalking will ruin the process of getting to know this person.

If you don’t know your crush in person or your crush is also your ex, better not stalk this person. I assure you that the world is filled with incredible people waiting to meet you.

Meanwhile, you should rarely stalk someone in person. This is considered normal only in a few scenarios.

Maybe if you see this person on the college campus or at the workplace. Following this person for one or two minutes is fine if you only want to know where you can talk to this person in the future.

As a general rule, you should not go out of your traditional route to follow someone else. 

Should I Stop Stalking My Crush on Social Media?

I guess you already know that I’m going to say yes. I’ll skip to the part where I tell you why.

Stalking your crush on social media has the opposite effect you are looking for. Today, I’ll introduce you to the “Backwards law.”

The backwards law

Mark Manson talks about this law in his best-seller “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.”

He explains that things such as stalking your crush/ex do not relieve your curiosity. On the contrary, it makes you want to dive deeper into the subject.

Ultimately, social media stalking is a waste of time and energy. 

The more time you spend scrolling through this person’s Instagram and Facebook, the more questions will arise in your head.

Dependant mood

Another reason to stop checking someone’s social media too frequently is that your mood becomes dependant on that person.

If one day you find nothing relevant, you spend your day relaxed. However, when your crush posts a picture with someone else, you might feel a bit of sadness or anger.

You should not place your peace of mind on a social media profile.

How to Stop Stalking Your Crush on Social Media

Stop stalking your crush will take time, willpower, and a strategy.

Willpower is on you, and time you can not handle. I’ll deliver the strategy.

Telling you that you need to occupy yourself 24 hours a day with your job or learning a new language won’t work. Checking Facebook or Instagram only takes a few minutes.

What you need to do is to replace this habit with another one. After a month or so, you won’t have an intense urge to stalk your crush on social media.

First, when your mind tells you to check your crush on social media, you must remember the backwards law. Remember that stalking will affect you negatively.

Then, find a productive or recreational activity to replace stalking. It has to be something easy to do and also easy to reach. You can try the following:

  • Reading a book
  • Watching a video on YouTube
  • Taking a walk

Use these activities to put your feet on the ground when your mind starts fantasizing about stalking your crush.

After all, continuously checking your crush’s Instagram page means you wish things were different. Take a 15-minute break and focus again on studying/working.

Cut contact with your crush

Dropping a bad habit is easier when you remove the cues that remind you of that habit. In this case, eliminate things that remind you of your crush from your environment.

If you chatted a lot with your crush, you should avoid talking too frequently as it would resurface old feelings.

Also, set a specific hour to access your social media accounts. Smartphones allow you to open them at any moment, which hinders your efforts of not stalking.

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