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I Got My Girlfriend Pregnant: How Mature Men Deal With an Unexpected Pregnancy

A baby is a massive responsibility and a huge surprise if you did not plan to have it. Fear takes up your body as you keep thinking you are not prepared to be a father.

However, you also understand that having a child is a blessing, and you want to experience fatherhood. How can you successfully go through this process?

Here is my short advice.

My Girlfriend is Pregnant. What Should I Do?

Well, the first thing is to assume your role as the man in the relationship. That is to be brave, to protect your family, and to lead by example.

Don’t entertain the thought of running away for a second.

You might be thinking that I don’t know your situation. Maybe you and your girlfriend are students, have little money, and you are scared to death to learn if things will go out well.

It’s understandable. Even stable couples stress out at the news of an incoming baby.

But, I have good news for you. Even though starting a family frightens you, there are several upsides to becoming a dad. For example:

  • You become a better man. Taking care of little babies and watching them grow teaches you a lot about life. You will become a more responsible, empathetic man.
  • Your life gets a new purpose. Influencing a life for good is something not everybody gets to do. Make the best out of this opportunity.
  • You will switch to a more active lifestyle. Having a kid will encourage you to improve your diet and habits to have more energy throughout the day.

A quick tip to help a bit more with your upcoming parenthood: Read chapter 5 of Jordan Peterson’s best-seller “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos.

Your child needs a strong father figure

Now that you have accepted your girlfriend’s pregnancy, the next thing you need to do is work toward being a good father.

First of all, be there when needed. Children who live in a home with both parents have more chances to enter college and are less likely to develop anxiety issues.

Likewise, teaching discipline to your son or daughter will raise a strong person, and strong people bring good times.

Hold your children accountable for doing their homework and some house chores. And, of course, listen to them when they need it.

Besides, spend some time improving your relationship with your girlfriend. There are hundreds of resources on the internet about how to communicate effectively.

Everything will turn out fine

Despite what you may read on the internet or hear in the news, not having children is not so okay.

Mainstream media wants you to believe that you are alright not having a family, but the truth is that nothing will mean more to you than your spouse and kids.

Only in countries with abject poverty, I support the idea of not having children.

You have the right to be scared of what might happen, but know that everything will be fine. I have seen it dozens of times.

Great and happy days are ahead of you, but it is time that you embrace your responsibility. The world and your kid need a strong man.

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