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How to Win at Life: 7 Ways a Young Man can Become a Successful Person

Men have no choice but to be successful, whether they realize it or not. If a man learns how to win at life, he might attain everything he wants in life. He can have money, women, and power.

However, inexperience is inherent to being young. That’s why most students waste their early years instead of improving every day.

Take a look at the following seven tips to be successful in life and get an edge over your peers.

1. Don’t live seeking approval from your friends

At a young age, it’s common to act based on what our friends will think about us. We want to be friends with all our classmates.

However, most people you meet early in life will become strangers sooner rather than later, especially when living in different cities or countries. Only a few will come out as real friends over the years.

The rest, you probably won’t talk to them ever again.

Therefore, you should not invest your precious time and energy trying to impress and be liked by your peers.

It’s not an easy task, as humans strongly desire social approval and companionship. However, using more time on you than you do on others it’s a more intelligent investment.

2. Use your money responsibly

Most 18-year olds spend every penny they have as soon as they earn it. Youth makes them think there will be plenty of time to recover it.

However, you should seek to build responsible spending habits from an early age. Otherwise, you are one accident away from a terrible financial situation.

Avoid falling for the Diderot Effect when you are young. This effect explains the tendency to continue purchasing new and more expensive things over time, only because we want to impress others.

Discipline yourself to save money, pay debts, and invest the rest so that your money makes you more money while you sleep. That is your path to freedom.

3. Read every day

I know it’s a cliché, but you should learn something new every day.

Reading will benefit you in many ways, both in the near and distant future. Every book, article, or blog you read will serve you for your whole life. Just make sure your sources are reliable.

Some benefits of reading include:

  • Improves concentration
  • Expands your vocabulary
  • Slows cognitive decline

Additionally, reading nonfiction books gives people countless topics to speak with others. That gives you an edge over your peers when it comes to approaching girls.

You can read How to become more interesting to a girl to dive deeper into the subject.

4. Avoid watching Netflix and sports as much as you can

What you do in your free time could make or break your future. You can watch a movie or a football game once in a while, but knowing the name of every footballer will hardly serve you in the future.

These activities are very close to wasting time. Instead, you can do something more productive — and fun — to relax like the following:

  • Play a sport. It’s good for the mind AND the body.
  • Visit your grandparents. They won’t be around forever.
  • Read a book. A bit boring, maybe, but knowledge is power.

5. Don’t engage with vices

If you are not healthy, you have nothing. And habits build your health one percent at a time.

Drinking, smoking, watching porn, and other detrimental activities will ruin your body sooner than you expect. Besides, they steal your energy.

You won’t be able to build a life or a career if you do any of those.

Spend your money and time wisely.

6. Train your body

Exercising, like reading, are the two activities that will likely benefit you the most in the future.

In the short term, lifting weights makes you bigger and stronger. First, people will think twice before messing with you, and you will attract more ladies.

Meanwhile, training your body will keep you away from the doctor in the long run. Also, you will be saving money on medicines.

7. Don’t fall in love – focus on self-improvement

There are many things wrong with falling in love at a young age.

As a man, your success in life, i.e., how much money you make, determines your value and status in society. You’ll hardly sustain a relationship if you don’t make good money.

Besides, men can increase their sexual market value over the years, which women can’t.

Falling in love with a girl at the age of 18 or so will mostly distract you. You’ll waste countless hours thinking about her and talking to her. Not to mention all the money you are also likely to spend.

Instead, use your youth to develop a strong body and mind. After all, all that a woman wants is a strong, self-independent man. Rest easy. There will be plenty of women for you in the future.

Getting too soon into a relationship and getting married young is known for killing a man’s ambition. What’s worse, you could end up without your couple and a business if you chase women instead of your dreams.

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