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How To Trust Your Girlfriend: Dealing with Jealousy and Developing Confidence with Your Couple

Having a pretty girlfriend comes with a price. She has guys texting her all day and trying to seduce her. And you can’t stop thinking about it.

Maybe you even check her Instagram page a couple of times a day. You are smart, and you know that’s a waste of time, but you also don’t want to be fooled either.

Here’s what you can do to stop jealousy from ending your relationship.

I Don’t Trust My Girlfriend, What Can I Do?

Distrust in a relationship appears in two scenarios. You need to know which side you are on first to know how to trust your girlfriend.

First scenario: You have trust issues

The first scenario is when a wound from your past prevents you from fully trusting a romantic couple. You are always thinking your partner is cheating on you.

Maybe a previous girlfriend did cheat on you, or you grew with parents who lied to each other.

As a result, you want to control everything your girlfriend does. Your scars are making you an obsessive person in your new relationship.

The good news is that changing for good is in your control. Not so good news for your girlfriend, who is bearing a bit of trusting paranoia from you.

Causes of jealousy

Past relationships can hurt our trust in others. However, more situations can make you jealous.

Check out this list and work on your flaws from today:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of being alone
  • Thinking your girlfriend belongs to you
  • Communication issues with your couple

A lack of confidence can cause jealousy as severe as experiences from our past.

Visiting a therapist is the best option to solve any issues that someone could’ve caused you. Although researching about the subject on the internet can help you as well.

Second scenario: Your girlfriend is not someone to trust

Sometimes our suspicions are well based. We are with a good person, but you can’t trust them to be 100 percent loyal.

Mainly, these women have emotional wounds, so they need the approval of others to feel good.

They frequently post pictures on Instagram wearing a bikini or simply talking to lots of men.

As a result, there are days in which these girls show interest in you and act loving with you, but other days they treat you a bit disdainful.

In this case, I would recommend men to be radical. The relationship has no future with this person, and you should end it.

Many men take too long and waste valuable time taking this decision, essentially because our feelings for that person cloud our judgment.

But you should take bold action without hesitation. Not trusting your girlfriend makes your life miserable.

Peace of mind should be non-negotiable in a relationship. Otherwise, people will lose focus on the things they need to get done during the day.

They want to check their girlfriend’s social media every now and then, and they become paranoid about being cheated on all day. Basically, our thoughts are with that person at every moment — although not in a good way.

How to Center Myself If I Don’t Trust My Girlfriend?

To regain your focus and start trusting your girlfriend more — or end the relationship — you must identify which of the two scenarios concern you.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Can I trust my girlfriend without thinking all day that she’s playing with me?
  • Is my girlfriend someone I can trust? Or does she only show interest in me every so often? Does she expose her body too often on social media?

If you cannot control your trust issues, you need to work with an expert to heal any wounds from your past. Only then you’ll be able to have a girlfriend without controlling every aspect of her life.

When it comes to the second question, you already know what to do.

Men with non-trustable girlfriends should break up with her before as soon as possible. Otherwise, she will probably cheat on you and leave a wound that will cause you trouble trusting future romantic partners.

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