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How to Stop Liking Someone: 4 Ways to Erase That Girl or Guy From Your Mind

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It takes one second to fall in love. However, having feelings for that someone could be completely incorrect inside our social circle. So, before any emotions continue to grow, we wish to know how to stop liking someone.

But it’s not that easy. Sometimes, the more we want to forget someone, the more we think about that person.

Suddenly, you have a massive crush on that someone without even know it. “Uh-oh, I’m gonna get my heart broken again,” you think.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways you can stop liking someone.

How to Stop Liking a Girl

Many young men start liking a girl for minor reasons. Maybe she was just being kind or because she’s pretty.

Or maybe not. Sometimes there was something between the two, but it just can’t happen.

As a result, these boys soon wish they don’t like this girl anymore. Fortunately, it is possible.

Love is often a result of nature. We see women — or want to see them — as flawless individuals so that we keep reproducing ourselves and avoid extinction.

Take a look at this list of ways to stop liking a girl so much.

1. Talk and flirt with more girls

Never have only one girl in your life. 10 out of 10 times, you will fall in love with her.

You will put her on a pedestal. And most likely, she will not feel the same way about you.

If you are already here, fret not. You can forget these feelings by meeting new women.

The more women you start talking with, the faster you will stop liking the original girl.

Women are fantastic. Every honorable man should look for a good woman and start a family.

Luckily for us, there are hundreds of beautiful, intelligent women in the world. It is pointless to brood over one girl.

2. Stop seeing her — at least on the internet

You are not going to forget this girl if you chat with her every day. You should try to keep her off your mind.

Blocking her phone number could be a radical move. That is not necessary.

However, you should not interact with her on social media. No likes, no retweets, no replying to her stories.

Not to mention you should not stalk her Instagram page.

If you suddenly miss her, you can text a friend. It will help you remember that your life doesn’t stop without her.

3. Focus on your self-improvement

This girl was a great person. I have no doubts.

But there’s no reason why other high-value girls will feel attracted to you in the future. Especially if you are a high-quality guy.

For that purpose, you should work on becoming better every day. You will attract other valuable people into your life.

Your self-improvement is a proactive, healthy way to allow yourself to forget a girl. Get fit, start a business, you decide!

4. Think about her negative qualities

Typically, all young men overlook a woman’s flaws when in love.

They think at some point that she’s perfect. They say she’s exactly the kind of girlfriend they were looking for.

However, this is a delusion. It’s a rationalization.

When you understand that plenty of girls have attractive qualities, you’ll stop pursuing a particular woman. You won’t pedestalize her nor endlessly feel sad about not having her.

How to Stop Liking a Guy

Often, guys fall faster for girls than the other way around. But when a girl has a crush, usually it’s a heavy one.

Sometimes the man is a good guy, other times… Not so much.

You can overcome your feelings for a guy too. Check out these four ways to stop liking a guy.

1. Accept is not going to happen/can’t happen and wait until the feeling is gone

If the guy you like has a girlfriend already, you should move on quickly. It is not wise to consider interfering in that relationship.

It is not the way to start something with another person. Besides, he is unlikely to change his girlfriend for you.

Accept that nothing will happen — unless he becomes single. However, you are a valuable person, and you don’t deserve to wait for something that may or may not occur.

Accept that your feelings for this person have no future. Embrace the grief and allow yourself to heal.

Don’t put a timeline on it. Although you should aim to forget this person at least 0,1 percent more every day.

Don’t feel judged by having feelings for this person. Nonetheless, next time make sure to not put your heart out there so freely.

2. Pay close attention to his true colors

Romance may cloud your judgment. Many times, guys are just a facade — not always, though.

Young men sometimes act nice and helpful with women to gain their approval. However, when a girl does not reciprocate, these guys explode and yell at her.

You might see a friendly man when the truth is that he might just want to take you into bed. Likewise, never assume a guy has good hygiene simply because he is perfectly dressed.

Also, when you don’t know a guy deeply, it’s common to fill the gaps with your ideal version of him.

This particular guy most likely wasn’t your prince charming. One day you’ll realize this person had lots of flaws, and you were only romanticizing him.

3. Don’t interact with him

Being close to the guy you like won’t help you forget him. If you are decided to put an end to your feelings, you must make him as invisible to you as possible.

As said before, I consider blocking someone’s phone number too radical. It could even be counterproductive.

The abrupt detachment could make you think more about that person, as you weren’t used to not knowing absolutely anything about his life before.

However, you do need to put distance between the two. Don’t send texts, don’t react to Instagram posts, and keep inevitable interactions short.

4. Realize when you deserve someone better

Women looking to start a relationship — and possibly a family — should be a little demanding. Not all men — especially young ones — can provide food and shelter to a wife and children.

You can stop liking someone as you understand that there are better alternatives. However, you should strive to be someone worthy too.

Love is blind, they say. And sometimes we fall in love with people opposite to us.

Maybe we see something exciting in them. But it’s only a fantasy with a short-term future.

One day — sooner than later probably — you were going to fall out of love. Inevitably, that day was going to arrive.

If you can realize that, your path toward healing will start being smoother.

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