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How to Stop Infatuation: 5 Smooth Ways to Get Over Infatuation

A girl sticks in our heads, and she becomes more “perfect” with everything that she says/does. This is just a mirage, my friend.

This is a phenomenon known as infatuation. It makes you believe that this woman is the one and that you won’t find a better one in the future.

The funny thing is that infatuation happens more than once. Each time men believe that this girl is the one and that if they lose this girl, they will never get married.

If you are in a similar situation, you will enjoy this article. Learn how to stop infatuation with these 5 strategies.

1. Meet new girls (avoid oneitis)

The number one cause of infatuation in men is oneitis. In other words, they know little to zero women, so they channel all their romantic needs into the only female that pays them attention.

Always have more than one girl in your life. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to developing an irrational “love” toward a female friend. Are you already at this stage? You can meet new girls to get over your infatuation.

As you start texting more women, you will experience immediate relief from your infatuation with the first girl. You realize how the world is full of pretty, intelligent women, so you start caring less about losing the first one.

If you don’t know where to find quality girls, I recommend you go to the library, gym, or dance classes.

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2. Don’t pedestalize women

Infatuation is often a sign of low self-worth. Even though girls are beautiful and fun to be around, you should always remember that you also have positive attributes.

Healthy relationships are between two people that complement each other, so don’t pedestalize your partner.

Here are a couple of tips to increase your confidence and overcome an infatuation:

  • Walk with good posture
  • Be active
  • Learn to accept rejection
  • Practice positive self-talk

You won’t achieve much at work or with women if you have low confidence.

3. Remember her flaws

Infatuation is not real love. It is often based on the other person’s looks rather than values. Plus, it usually happens to men with a small social circle.

As a result, men have no standards and “fall in love” with the first girl that pays them a bit of attention.

You must relentlessly remember everything about this girl that doesn’t align with your values. If you can do that honestly, you’ll realize that it might not be the best idea for you two to start a relationship.

You might understand that is a bad idea already if you know the term infatuation. If you insist on forcing an impossible match, you’ll probably end up heartbroken.

4. Read a book/blog on masculinity

Books and blogs usually are a beginner’s best friend. They tell young readers what they have been doing wrong with girls all these years, so they can build a new, more effective knowledge base.

These resources allow you to get over an infatuation by teaching you some psychological aspects of dating you didn’t know. 

The book No more Mr. Nice Guy is a good option to start. 

Also, I recommend that you buy Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to Being with You by Cory Smith.

Cory’s advice has helped thousands of men stop losing women after women with other guys.

Learn More: Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women

Reading a blog on masculinity has many benefits. For example:

  • Shape’s your mind into not being a simp
  • Teaches how to get girls interested in you, and not you being the one infatuated
  • Gives you practical advice for your interactions with women

If you want to stop an infatuation, you are welcome here at Young Life Strategy at any time.

5. Improve your financial status

Sometimes, men look to “solve” some issues in their lives by getting a girlfriend. It’s a false belief that having a wife means you are successful.

Very often, men “fall in love” super quickly with a woman to disguise their lack of professional success.

Well, my friend, a man must be financially prosperous to succeed. You don’t need millions of dollars, but enough to buy food and pay for medical emergencies. That’s when you calmy should look for a woman that complements you.

If you are infatuated with a female right now, check if you are just trying to “have success” in a quick, easy way.

No relationship can endure a long season without money.

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