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How to Stop Chasing Women: 5 Ways to Have Women in Your Life Without Chasing Them

Everyone seems to have a girl but you. You want to end the anxiety and desperation of not finding a good woman. You are trying hard, but luck does not go your way.

You can learn how to stop chasing women while still meeting new girls. Also, keep the ones who accepted you in their circle of friends.

If you have five minutes, here is a good read about how to stop chasing women and make them interested in you.

How Do I Know If I Am Chasing Women?

You are chasing women — and people in general — when you force them to interact with you. It’s when you give too much and receive too few in return.

Besides, you should not feel anxious or desperate when talking to a girl. If you feel tension when talking to women, you are probably trying to force things.

Don’t put great effort in building rapport with:

  • Girls with nothing in common with you
  • Girls who constantly give you one-word responses

Your goal from now should be to invest in genuine connections with women. Not ones you created in your head.

Here are five tips to stop chasing women.

1. Wait until the girl reciprocates your efforts

When it comes to women, successful seducers bait women to invest in them. This is a fundamental principle to stop chasing women.

Ladies don’t like being pursued so hard. So if your goal is to get a girlfriend, that’s a good reason to not chase her.

But what happens if they don’t reach out to you? Momentarily move on to other girls while the first one contacts you.

If a particular girl you like doesn’t reciprocate your advances, you can text her once again and try to make her laugh. If she still doesn’t reach out, move on permanently.

Develop an abundant mindset. Realize that there are plenty of girls in the world so that you don’t obsess over having to find one right now.

2. Realize you are OK with or without company

Being single has plenty of benefits. Plus, people with couples are not better than those who remain single.

What’s more, it is better to be single than married to a gold-digger who’ll leave you broke and alone.

When a young man likes a girl physically, he initially thinks she is also a good person. Recognize this pattern to prevent yourself from going all-in every time you meet a new girl.

That way, you will learn to take your time to know this woman a bit more deeply; and thus not blindly chase her.

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3. Develop your seduction skills to attract multiple women

Attracting women is the opposite of chasing them. If you want to stop chasing women but still go out with them often, you need to learn how to attract women to you.

For that purpose, improve your pickup skills. Although there are various ways to make women interested in you, seduction is among the primary methods. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Display powerful body language
  • Speak with enthusiasm
  • Understand female psychology

When you know how women operate psychologically, you can get the most gorgeous woman to like you.

Learning pickup skills allows you to have several woman friends in your life. As a result, you won’t panic in case one girl suddenly stops talking to you.

Likewise, improving your game with women gives you the assurance that you can successfully seduce one almost at will.

The books The Sexcalation System” and “Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to Being with You are the two best books I’ve read on the subject. By far!

These two books might be a little immoderate if you are under 18. But these books possess all the knowledge you will use on a daily basis to effectively become more and more irresistible to women every day.

4. Be grateful for the things you have in life

Young men tend to believe that the universe hates them if they don’t have a girlfriend. Consequently, these young men start going after every woman they know.

They talk to the girl, they fall in love in one week, and they get heartbroken.

However, this is not the case with more mature men. You should be grateful every day for having food, health, internet access, and more.

Plus, remember that men have an easier time getting a couple as they grow older than women. A man does not mainly rely on his looks to attract females.

If you are not happy with being healthy but single, you will not be with a couple.

5. Increase your value as a man

Focusing on your self-improvement makes you aware of your worth as a person. When you know you deserve a good person by your side, you will stop rushing in finding a couple.

Instead of investing your time and effort trying to impress a woman, focus on becoming more attractive.

You can achieve so by doing the following:

  • Learning new stuff
  • Reading stoic philosophy
  • Upgrading your wardrobe

Also, becoming a high-value man provides you a long-term benefit when it comes to relationships. You won’t lose the girl over time as she realizes you can’t solve problems.

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