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How to Stop Being Nervous Around a Girl: 5 Effective Ways to Being Relaxed Talking to Women

Seducing a girl is a race against time, and being nervous around a girl prevents a young man from impressing her as much as he would. If you currently like a female friend, you may want to become confident with women quickly. Fortunately, it is more than feasible.

Once you learn the right mindset and practice a bit, your days of nervousness around girls will fall into oblivion.

Why Do I Get So Nervous Talking to a Girl?

Men tend to display some sort of fear when talking to women. It is natural if you are young or inexperienced with women.

Human beings are scared of the unknown. We are wired to live in the safeness of a tribe.

Fret not. Women are just like every other human being.

Another reason you feel anxious interacting with girls is that you pedestalize them a little — or much. Again, doing so is somewhat typical among young men.

You get a lot more nervous with women when you give too much importance to having sexual intercourse. That’s why many men turn into simps.

Realizing that women are just like you and me is the first step to being more confident around girls. However, you might be making a couple more mistakes when talking to your female friends.

If you want to dive deeper into how to stop being nervous around a girl, take note of the following:

1. See being with women as a fun activity

Forget about the outcome when you are around girls. It does not matter if one rejects you because there are thousands out there.

Enjoy their smile when you say something funny, and have fun while you learn to feel relaxed talking to women.

When you are confident and view being with women as something to enjoy, women have fun too.

Besides, most girls you will meet in your life will be more boring than you. Only a few girls are extroverts that know how to lead a conversation.

So, if she is nervous, why would you be too? Women will have a good time just because a man is paying them attention.

2. Don’t fake your personality

We are always trying to impress girls. We want them to believe we have money and live exciting lives.

Consequently, men don’t act naturally around women. Men can even lie to a girl in order to seduce her.

If you fake your personality around women, you will always be nervous. Pondering if the lie you want to tell her will be congruent with a previous lie will make you anxious.

It is somewhat easy to tell when someone is faking. So don’t do it.

If you are with some friends and, there are girls, it is ten times better to stay silent. Put on a smile, and don’t worry, your opportunity to say something fun will come.

3. Don’t pursue girls

Young fellows might see their friends with girlfriends and want to have one. As a result, they approach girls with a sense of hurry.

Similarly, when men don’t know many girls, they try too hard to get their female friends to like them.

Realize which of these scenarios is happening to you, and don’t pursue girls. Do not feel an urgency to get a girlfriend right now.

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4. Embrace the nerves

Don’t fight the nerves, and they will go quicker. Even the better casanovas started from the bottom.

When you are not used to being around women is natural that you feel insecure. After all, there is a lot of room for mistakes.

However, know that everyone eventually feels confident being around girls. What you can’t do is avoid talking to girls because you get nervous.

5. Make talking to girls part of your routine

Every man should apply this method. No matter if they feel little or very nervous around women.

You need to frequently speak to women to keep your abilities sharp.

Go to places where you can casually start a conversation with pretty girls. Visit these places every day and force yourself to speak to them.

You can ask them something simple like directions to start. Once you are not shy to break the ice, ask them anything you want.

You can read Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to You to skyrocket your success rate with women.

The more time you spend with women, the more comfortable you feel when talking to one of your female friends.

Once you feel relaxed being around women, you get to work on improving your seduction skills.

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