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How to Steal a Girlfriend: 7 Steps to Steal Away a Girl From Another Man

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You know a funny and smart girl and dream of marrying her. But she hangs out with another guy. Fret not. You can disenchant her and make her attracted to you.

No matter how beautiful this girl is or if she is 19 or 35. No girl is out of reach.

Believe you can get her, and half the work is done.

You can learn how to steal a girlfriend by developing the right mentality and applying these steps. The last one is a must-read!

1. Don’t rush things nor show neediness

Attraction needs space to grow. You won’t steal away a girl from another man in two weeks.

What you have to do is to be prepared to capitalize on every opportunity you have. Make her laugh and show your value to her.

Meanwhile, endure her pictures with her current couple. You should follow this plan as always as she shows signs of interest in you.

This girl must start thinking about you romantically by herself. Don’t overwhelm her with compliments, or she will back off.

Learn how to not be a SIMP. Slowly grow into her mind with every interaction.

Never acting SIMP will put you ahead of 95 percent of guys. Therefore, you’ll have better chances to steal a girl when she knows you.

2. Speak well of you — and a bit bad about the other guy

For you to steal a girl, she should lose respect for her boyfriend. So, what things can you say about that person?

Don’t tell a woman that her boyfriend is a jerk, that you could treat her like a queen, or how intelligent you are. Women often like jerks and find smart guys boring.

What you should attack is the lack of ambition or monotonous habits. Also, keep chats about the other guy brief.

Covertly suggest that she could have a more exciting lifestyle with you.

Prioritize the following topics when talking to the girl you like:

  • Working out/playing a sport
  • Travel
  • Side hustles
  • Gatherings/parties with friends or another woman

Here you can read more about how to be more interesting over text.

3. Subtly show sexual intent

If your plan is to make this girl fall in love with you, it is paramount to avoid the friendship route.

Subtly let her know that she attracts you. Don’t treat her like a goddess.

Too much sexual intent will make her run to her boyfriend. However, playing it safe will put you in the friend zone.

Don’t fear being too bold. At the end of the day, your goal is that she sees you as a potential sexual partner.

4. Don’t play the nice guy game

Nice guys finish last. Don’t be overly friendly when talking to her because women hate it.

You should aim to create a persona that is a high-value man. Then, you must convey that image to her. For example:

  • She needs a favor? Don’t do it right away. Tell her you’ll finish “some stuff,” and then you’ll help her
  • Don’t react to her posts on social media too often
  • Talk about polarizing topics. Show her you are not a boring man who wastes time talking formalities

Most men don’t do this. Therefore, women don’t realize their boyfriend is not the alpha male they believe.

Show her how an alpha male behaves. She’ll be psychologically attracted to you.

5. Mention other girls in your life

If she feels a bit attracted to you, make her feel jealous. That way, you will boost her interest in you.

Also, you will create a little dread in her world by making her think she could lose you. As a result, she starts seeing you more attractive.

Once in a while — not all times — mention another girl you like in a conversation with her. Something that the other girl texted you or if you casually met her at the mall would work.

Jealousy is a powerful tool when seducing women. It suggests you are a valuable man that other women want.

6. Use social media to show off a fun lifestyle

Women fall in love with the lifestyle of a man. They want to live that same fun life too.

Post a picture every time you go out to do something fun.

Likewise, if you do something you consider fun or exciting, you should briefly tell her.

7. Make your move — but don’t tell her you like her

If she knows you like her, it’s most likely game over. Even if she feels the same.

Women avoid being called a slut at all costs. So even if she likes you, she won’t leave her current boyfriend so simply.

Everything must happen “naturally.”

Don’t push her with words. What you must seek is to give her a kiss.

Your ideal scenario is you two talking and laughing. Both make eye contact… And kiss.

Kissing her is how you go up a level in her heart. A kiss is also your ticket out of the friend zone.

Act like she is not that important to you. Make her feel good whenever you two talk and wait the right time to kiss her.

If you kiss her, act cool. Don’t say sorry. Tell her she’s just too pretty to not kiss her.

After that, disappear a couple of days. Allow the girl to contact you first.

That talk is where you tell her that she will have a better time with you. Don’t mention your traits as a person. Remember, women are looking for a fun life.

Good luck!

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