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How to Start Over in a Relationship: 5 Things You Should Do Correctly This Time With Your Couple

If you have been in a relationship, you know it is hard to keep the chemistry up with your partner sometimes. Some fights might even cause the end of the relationship.

However, you two still feel love for the other and decide to start over. But, how do you start over in a relationship without making the same mistakes?

Well, there are some basic guidelines people in a relationship should follow. Even more, if you are starting all over again.

Here are 5 things you should do correctly with your couple this second time.

1. Truly forgive your partner for what they did

Resentment is not the right place to start the relationship again. If you are giving it a new try with your partner, make sure your heart aligns with your actions.

Have this clear in your mind: you are not obligated to fix the relationship with this person. If your desire is to end the relationship, don’t let your family or friends judge you for that.

However, I want you to still feel encouraged to start over with your couple. All relationships go through thunderclouds.

The rest of the article should help you clarify your thoughts.

2. Show an improved attitude from the start

First impressions last. If you want to start over your relationship, showing clear intentions to make things right should help a lot.

Show your partner that this new opportunity won’t be a waste of time, as losing time scares some people the most.

If you show an improved attitude, your partner should feel like doing the same. However, be careful with what you understand as an “improved attitude.”

If you are a man, I’m not talking about spending all your money on gifts for your girlfriend. Instead, you should work on the following:

  • Not being passive-aggressive
  • Not keeping secrets
  • Being more loving/less needy depending on what your woman tells you

Ultimately, an improved attitude should be the willingness of both of you to work as a team.

3. Clearly express what you don’t want your partner to do

Not being passive-aggressive is paramount for the success of any relationship.

You have to communicate effectively with your partner. People can’t read minds.

Probably you’ve read this already somewhere, but lack of communication is the number one factor for divorces these days. So, I’ll give you some tips, so it doesn’t happen to you:

  • Don’t criticize your partner
  • Don’t raise your voice
  • Don’t walk away in the middle of a difficult conversation
  • The “silent treatment” doesn’t work
  • Don’t invalidate your partner feelings

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4. Don’t give your love away again immediately

During this second spell, you should reciprocate the love your partner shows you. Don’t give all of your love and just wait to not be disappointed by your couple.

Creating high expectations will most likely lead you two to fall apart again.

It is a hard pill to swallow in modern relationships. If either one shows too much attention, the other pulls away.

For that purpose, you should understand the stages of a relationship and enjoy each one without thinking too ahead in the future.

5. Resolve conflicts as soon as they appear

The best way to carry a relationship is by not sweeping your problems under the rug. If your partner did something that upset you, you must find a way to discuss it.

You should always feel that there are no secrets.

Otherwise, your interactions with your partner will be born from dishonesty. You are acting one way, but you are hiding something deep down.

Be direct when addressing a relationship conflict, and listen actively to your partner. Most likely, the intention was never to hurt you.

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