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How to Seduce a Girl By Texting: 11 Ways to Make a Woman Love You Over Text

Young men who know the game of texting get all the ladies. You can seduce a girl no matter if you just met her or if she is a long-time friend.

Every day, more and more people fall in love with their future spouse over text. Discord servers, Facebook private messages, and WhatsApp/Telegram, of course.

It is imperative to know how to develop a connection with a woman over text. Otherwise, you risk losing some good women to another guy.

Take note of the following 11 principles to know how to seduce a girl by texting. Have fun!

1. Don’t talk about the same subject for too long

A key aspect of making girls addicted to you is making them have fun. Keep your conversations stimulating by consistently bringing new subjects to the exchange.

It doesn’t matter if the conversation will be shorter because you run out of topics to talk about. Women like busy guys anyways.

Further in this post, there is more regarding not overextending your conversations with women.

Realize when a fun subject is about to grow stale. That way, you will have a bit of time to prepare the next topic.

2. Use texting to set up a date with her

A classic mistake from a young man is becoming a woman’s text pal. You need to escalate your relationship with her at some point.

No matter how hilarious and exciting a guy might be over text, he will end up in the friend zone if he does not ask the girl out.

The secret behind this tip relies on what psychologists call “The Mere Exposure Effect.”

Basically, a girl will start to like you more if she is frequently around you. Take advantage of that.

Find a good opportunity and ask her out. What’s more, you can try to make this date something you two do periodically. Once a week would be ideal.

Be careful not to ask the same girl to go out with you too often, though. You would look like someone with nothing going on in his life, and women don’t like that.

3. Take note of specific lines that worked with other girls

When you like a girl, you may think she is one of a kind. However, women are more alike than you can imagine.

If one specific line or story got you a good response from a girl, e.g., she laughed or told you that you are a cool guy, use it with the girl you want to seduce. Most likely, the line will have the same impact.

If you want to skyrocket your success rate with women, you must read Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to You and The Sexcalation System.

It might a bit immoderate if you are under 18, but the minutes of reading these books will become hours of fun with beautiful women.

4. Leave the conversation closer to its peak

Women remember how you made them feel more than what you said. For that purpose, don’t mention negative topics and say goodbye when the mood is high.

It might be hard to do if you are young. You probably want to talk for hours with this girl.

However, no matter how well you two get along, both will get bored, and she will reply with less enthusiasm. Leave before the one-word replies begin.

Tell her politely that you have something to do. She will text you again sooner than you think.

It is better to talk for 45 minutes and laugh together than chat for 3 hours when you two have nothing else to say.

5. Enter every conversation intending to have fun

You must have the right mindset and emotional state when talking to girls. If you are in the mood for fun, everything you say will most likely make her laugh.

Enjoy chatting with women, and the right things to say will come to you.

  • Try to not act creepy
  • Speak with enthusiasm
  • Avoid long texts
  • Let her talk about herself as much as she wants

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6. Don’t offer her favors/things without a merit

To seduce a woman, you must earn her respect. But you will not do that if you give away your time for free.

I understand you want to do nice things for her. In fact, you have to show her your value once in a while.

However, try to make her think that she earned that favor from you. Ideally, she actually deserves some benefits as a reward for being attentive to you.

When she asks you to do something for her, tell her: “Sure, I have no trouble doing a favor for people that care about me.”

Do so, and she will think twice before mistreating you in the future. If she does it, she could lose some benefits.

7. Talk about emotional topics — not intellectual subjects

You may think that sounding intelligent will attract women. Well, you will not.

Inject emotions into your words. A man’s capital sin with a woman is to bore her.

Whatever you do, do not bore women. For that purpose, I have an excellent tip for you.

Women love talking about… Themselves.

Forget politics, philosophy, and religion. Make girls talk about their lives, and they will have a good time.

When she asks something about you, try to put your logical thinking a bit aside. Make her feel something reading what you have to say.

Joy, anger… Everything works except boredom.

8. Don’t act like a friend

Maybe the most popular mistake among young men. They try to become her best friend before going for her romantically.

If your plan is to become her boyfriend, avoid being seen as a friend at all costs. You have a 0,5 percent of chance of escaping from the friend zone.

Don’t go all-in from the start either, or you might scare her away.

Have fun when you are chatting with her and slowly build a romantic frame.

Remember the second step and ask her out if you feel like she might say yes.

9. Never complain 

Men can talk about their problems only when they already solved them. Avoid complaining when you are talking over text with a girl.

A high-value man must be a problem solver. Women are looking for one.

You might think that could be romantic if she feels sorry for you. It’s not.

She will almost certainly feel a bit more reluctant to text you if she thinks she will feel sad doing so.

10. Let her text you first more often 

Guys must text women first almost as often as the other way around. It shows that the guy has confidence, which girls love.

However, texting her first more with more frequency than her has a couple of significant drawbacks. Appearing needy is the most relevant.

Also, women should put time and energy into the relationship by texting you first. Plus, you can use her texting regularity to gauge her interest in you.

Let her show you interest. If you make all the effort, she will not be so seduced by you.

11. Pass her tests

It won’t be a smooth ride the whole time. Women often like to test men to see if they behave alpha or beta.

Don’t get upset if she takes hours to reply, fell asleep, or treats you with indifference.

Keep your cool and reply to her texts as if nothing is happening. After all, a high-value man has better things to do than use WhatsApp all day.

Tantrums are for women only. Take it easy when a woman is testing you, and never double text her to ask her if “she’s ok.”

As a result, you will go above other guys texting her who could not keep their composure because a girl did not reply immediately.

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