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How To Regain Power in a Relationship As A Man: 5 Mindsets For Men to Lead a Relationship

Inexperience or limiting beliefs may cause you to lose some control in the power game that is sometimes a relationship. So you need to know how to regain power in a relationship as a man.

For that purpose, you need to develop the right mindsets. This way, you can enter a relationship with the right frame and build a lasting relationship based on mutual respect.

Here are five mindsets to regain power in a relationship.

1. You don’t need her to be your girlfriend to be happy

A man loses his power in a relationship when he makes his girlfriend his source of happiness.

A true man knows he can enjoy life even without this girl. Himself alone is enough to be happy. Plus, he knows he is a great catch that can get a new — and better — girlfriend if a relationship fails.

If you can realize there are plenty of fish in the sea, you’ll never be down in power in a relationship.

Remind the following quote whenever you feel unhappy for not having a girlfriend or material stuff:

“Desire to me is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want” — Naval Ravikant.

2. You don’t need this woman for intimacy

Following the previous point, a man with an intermediate knowledge of seduction will have plenty of women available for intimacy.

Knowing this prevents that a woman uses intercourse as a weapon against you.

Otherwise, you’ll always give in to her whims out of fear of not having physical intimacy again in a long time.

If you wish, you can improve your game with women at any time by reading Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to Being With You. This book can be a bit immoderate if you are under 18. Read at your own peril.

3. Your confidence and self-esteem don’t depend on her being in your life

Every confident man knows what he’s capable of and the good person he is. He doesn’t need validation from other people. He would be happy either single or dating.

Men must understand that validation comes from within. They need to realize that their partner is not better than them just because she is a woman.

As a result, men can carry a relationship based on respect and where neither party has more power than the other.

Learn how to be alone so that you can remain calm and confident if your couple threatens you with ending the relationship. Neither men nor women should fear being single.

4. She does not give direction to your life

Men should work on having cool projects going on that make them money before thinking about having a girlfriend.

Create your life purpose first. Make every day meaningful and fun, regardless if you have a couple or not.

When your mindset is set on self-improvement, girls have no way of getting control of the relationship.

Remember that being in a relationship does not directly make a man successful.

You would not believe the number of men in relationships who live pathetically. Thousands of nice guys following commands from the girl all the time because they have nothing better to do.

Are they in a relationship while you don’t? Yes. Will they eventually get cheated because they are nice guys? Yes.

Know your life has direction, and you’ll have as much power as your woman in the relationship.

5. You can have lots of fun without her

If you lost power in a relationship, maybe you haven’t learned to have fun by yourself. Therefore, you care too much about not making your couple mad, which gives her license to step over you a little.

Again, along with growing your romantic relationship, spend time building a fun life. And learning to have fun by yourself.

If you two ever fall apart, you still have to enjoy working or building a side-hustle, as well as going out to places, either with friends or by yourself. And of course, you can find a new girlfriend and have fun with her.

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