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How to Make Peace with Your Past: 7 Ways to Leave Past Troubles Behind

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You probably would like to change a couple of events from your past. Those experiences might be troubling your mind right now. However, you must know how to make peace with your past. This way, you can transform your life for good.

When we learn to accept our past and know that it doesn’t define us anymore, we open our lives to new and better adventures.

You free yourself when you leave dark episodes from the past behind. You become stronger and more capable.

Plus, you make space for new people to enter your life and form new relationships.

Here are seven ways to make peace with your past.

1. Understand how the past made you who you are

A person that has never failed in something is someone who hasn’t grown as a person. The only way you can achieve meaningful things in life is to put yourself on the line.

Embrace your past, then. Everything that happened to you before made you smarter or stronger.

Did you make a mistake? Accept it, grow from it, and don’t make it again. The important thing is to learn the lesson and hold no regrets. It is something that made you better.

2. Remember that the present is the only thing you have

Dwelling on what happened a time ago is a waste of energy. That’s what the brilliant stoic philosophers tell us.

We cannot change the past, and we cannot control the future. However, we can put our best effort into the task we have at hand in the current moment.

how to make peace with your past

If the past is hurting you, it may be hard to focus on the here and now. Start helping your brain to exist more in the present again, for which you can try daily mindfulness meditations.

3. Ask for the support of others

Past hardships are twice as difficult to overcome without external help. So don’t avoid a wise word coming from someone you care about.

Letting go of the past is not something people can do in a day. Therefore, it is better to have someone support you throughout this long journey.

What’s more, successful men know that being a slave of the past can be a significant burden, so they seek professional support from therapists. You can do it too if you want.

4. Don’t allow negative thoughts about your past

The nature of our thoughts determines a great matter of our present. If we constantly let in negative thoughts is not going to end well.

Focus on keeping the bad out and, especially, remind yourself constantly about the positive traits in your life right now.

Inevitably, ghosts from our past will intrude in our heads once in a while. Therefore, practice gratitude and make yourself aware of the good things you have in life to combat these thoughts.

5. Get the pain out of you

Counterintuitively, expressing your pain helps you heal it. However, be careful not to engulf yourself in those emotions from your past.

Talk your feelings out loud when you are alone. Or write what you feel and then delete it.

Get those emotions out, accept them, and get on with your life.

6. Forgive and let go of the people who hurt you

Forgiveness allows you to let go of the past and open the door for new and more exciting people. So, what can you do to forgive who wronged you in the past?

First, understand that everybody has their own interests. Even good people can betray if their survival is at stake.

Then, try to put on the feet of those who hurt you in the past. This reflection might help you realize that you probably would have acted similarly. Or simply understand their motivations to act carelessly.

7. Focus on creating a better future

You cannot change the past. Don’t waste your mental energy brooding over it.

Instead, put all your efforts into improving your life by trying to build a brighter future.

Here are a couple of ways to start creating a better tomorrow:

  • Set personal and financial goals, and investigate how to achieve them
  • Learn a profitable skill
  • Start a hobby that benefits you in the long term
  • Put a deadline to your dreams; otherwise, you will never get them done

Also, remain optimistic even though success appears difficult. If you can see it in your mind, you can achieve it.

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live intentionally

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