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How to Know if She is The One: Traits Your Future Wife Should Have

Love may cloud a man’s judgment. When in love, some men might wonder how to know if she is the one.

Am I only infatuated? Is this the girl I should marry? Very often, it is young men who ask themselves these questions.

If you are currently pondering your situation with a female, this post might be of service.

Read on to learn about some of the most important traits in women that tell you she might be the one.

1. She brings out the best qualities in you

Choosing who to spend the rest of his life with might be the biggest decision a man has to make.

Why? A woman can bring out the best in a man but also could bring his worst.

A strong indicator of a good woman is that she inspires you. She has to help you build your empire.

If apart from her physical qualities, you see that yourself — and your life — are striving since she arrived, then she is probably a good pick.

2. She gives you peace of mind

In the short term, young men might appreciate an attractive body more than anything else in a woman. However, things change later in life.

As a man grows up, crucial things might begin to be at stake. It might be now or never for his career or business to kick off.

The last thing you need at moments of immense pressure is a distraction.

A high-quality woman is one that constantly shows you her loyalty. And a woman that is always there for you.

If you can’t trust her and can’t rely on her, maybe you two aren’t meant for each other.

3. She is conscious about her spending

When a woman is conscious about a man’s wallet, then she is likely a keeper.

All men should look for frugality within a girl.

These are financial traits that speak wonders of a woman:

  • She has a job/business
  • She knows a couple of money-saving hacks
  • She doesn’t threaten to leave you if you don’t buy her expensive gifts
  • She is not interested in buying the latest smartphone as soon as it’s released

If she cares about your financial wellbeing, very likely she cares about you romantically.

4. She doesn’t disrespect you

Respect is the pillar of a healthy relationship. You can’t love someone you don’t respect in the first place.

First, a man needs to work hard to earn a woman’s respect. He has to develop his mind and his body.

After a guy has successfully developed himself into a valuable man, he must stand for himself and establish boundaries for women to respect him.

You can consider her the one if she respects you, boost your confidence, and helps you build your image. Besides, mutual respect sustains sexual attraction in the long term.

How to know if she is not the one

Likewise, you might want to know if this particular girl might not be the best fit for you.

1. Regularly criticizes you

You might be better without someone who constantly points out your weaknesses.

Women who spend numerous hours making you feel bad about your flaws are likely to give you little peace of mind.

Instead, look for a girl who’s proud of your strengths.

You’ll always have flaws. However, remember to work every day to become the best version of yourself to attract the right women.

2. She lives in a constant drama

If she’s always creating drama or chaos, probably she isn’t right for you.

A man needs to protect his girl at all costs. And a woman should support him and not take up his energy with unnecessary dramas in return.

3. Doesn’t make you a better person

Typically, men change when they start a new relationship. Either for better or for worse.

Most change who they are just to please or get the approval of the girl.

If you find yourself doing more often the following behaviors, this relationship stands upon pillars of salt.

  • Lying more often
  • Spending money irresponsibly
  • Working less
  • Neglecting your friends and family

However, if you think you are a better, more responsible person since you are with her, you have reasons to keep her in your life for longer.

4. She often is in a bad mood

A bad mood in a woman is an indicator that she doesn’t get quite along with you. What’s more, you two may have problems communicating with each other.

Couples fight and get mad once in a while. However, constantly being in a bad mood is not normal.

If that’s the case, most likely, you and she should not take the relationship further.

It’s nice to feel love, and we all want to be loved. However, rushing to commit with someone can have terrible consequences.

If you fear being alone, you’ll hardly make the right call. Be objective when you address your relationship’s present and future. 

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