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How to Know if She Doesn’t Like You: 7 Consistent Telltale Signs a Girl Doesn’t Like You

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When a girl slowly grows in a young man’s heart, he bumps into the same old question. Does she like me back?

You would like to start a relationship with her, of course, but you also don’t want to experience the shame of rejection. So how to know if she doesn’t like you?

Here are 7 universal and unerring signs to know how a woman feels toward you.

1. She takes a long time to reply to your messages

You can effectively gauge a woman’s interest by her texting behavior. You’ll see a couple more points on the subject later.

However, how quickly she responds to your texts will tell you a lot about her feelings toward you. Usually, women can’t help replying as soon as possible to those men they find attractive. If she’s online, but she’s not replying, you are in trouble.

Short replies

In this order of ideas, be aware of the following. Some women are polite and respond quickly to everybody, so you need to gauge their intentions to keep the conversation alive.

If a woman constantly gives you one-word replies, she doesn’t like you. Nobody is that terrible at keeping conversations.

2. You two rarely chat during the night

When a girl likes you, she has some level of confidence in you. You can see that when she texts you late during the night or replies quickly if you text her around bedtime.

Again, the issue here is confidence. If you just met this girl, don’t give too much relevance to late-night chats just yet. It may take a while until your relationship reaches that point.

If you’ve known her for a while and you rarely talk at night, chances are you are not very special to her.

3. She doesn’t tell you personal stuff

Secrets and personal stuff create strong bonds between people. When a woman never tells you what’s going on in her life, she and you don’t possess that strong connection yet.

On the other hand, women that care about you will tell somewhat private stuff even if you don’t talk that often. Do you see the difference?

Make her feel more comfortable around you, and she will trust you with her personal issues. You might achieve so by working on yourself. Try with the following:

  • Make her laugh once in a while
  • Adopt one or two cool hobbies
  • Improve your text game

I’ll leave you this post about How to Be More Confident in a Relationship if you’d like to delve deeper into the subject.

4. She hardly laughs around you

The more you like some people, the easier you laugh with them. You cannot hide being in love, and her laughter will betray her if she has feelings for you. However, no matter how good your jokes are, she’ll hardly laugh out loud if she doesn’t like you as much as you like her.

Although, you should beware of trying to appear funny all the time around her for two reasons. First, humor is subjective. Some things you might find amusing while she doesn’t and vice versa.

And second, joking in excess will likely make you look a bit immature.

5. She canceled a date and didn’t suggest a new day to meet with you

Asking a girl out might be a bit difficult for you. It requires courage to do so. However, that’s not the end of your problems. The real issue is her actually showing up to the date.

Even though a girl can cancel a date for a valid reason, such as getting sick, for example. Sometimes, women ghost guys just because they don’t want to go out with him anymore.

So, if she suggests a new day for you to see each other, her reason to cancel the date is likely to be true. Plus, it means she cares about you and actually wants to spend some time with you. Otherwise, the plan of seeing you wasn’t her top priority.

6. She doesn’t remember many things you tell her

When we like someone, we do everything possible to impress them. We offer to do favors for them, lend them money, etc.

But also, we usually don’t miss the chance to prove them we listen to them carefully by remembering something they told us months or years ago. It might be their favorite band, a place they dream of visiting, or what they wanted for their birthday.

If you spot your crush recalling something you said a few months ago, you can have for sure that she cares about you. It is your sign to take a new step in your relationship. Ask her out or text her during the night.

7. She displays a close body language

Women show their interest in a man more subtly through their body language. They touch their hair or smile subconsciously.

But, there are times when her body covertly expresses rejection for someone. For example:

  • She avoids hugs
  • Her feet point the other way when talking with you
  • She pulls away when you touch her

It is easy to lie with words. However, almost nobody knows how to hide their non-verbal language, so if you constantly notice these signs, it’s because this girl is not into you.

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