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How To Know If A Girl Likes You In School: 7 Telltale Signs A Girl In Your Class Has Interest In You

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You have this pretty classmate you like, and your suspicion is that she likes you back. However, you don’t want to look like a fool by asking her out and getting rejected.

Is there a way to know if a girl in class likes you? Yes! Anybody can lie, but you can’t fake your actions.

Keep your eyes open if you see any of the following 7 telltale signs a girl in your class is interested in you.

How To Know If A Girl Likes You In School

1. She asks you to sit next to her on the bus

The spot next to her on the bus is almost sacred for a girl. You shouldn’t even read the rest of the article if she often asks you to sit beside her.

A girl that is not interested in you will hardly choose you over one of her ten female friends to be her partner on the way to school / back home.

Sometimes, a girl would rather sit on the legs of another girl classmate than next to a boy she doesn’t like.

The rest is on you to make the most out of those trips. 

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2. She smiles when you subtly touch her

Touching someone’s arm or shoulder has a massive impact sometimes.

For example, to show empathy when communicating sad news or to convey confidence before a challenging situation.

However, unwanted touch can trigger a defensive attitude or an insult.

Touch a girl’s arm subtly when talking to her if you want to know if she’s into you. If she says nothing, then she is comfortable around you.

That’s a good start.

If she laughs or blushes… It might be a good idea to go for ice cream with her.

I’ll give a little psychological trick.

Humans associate everything in their environment.

If you are with a girl and maybe some friends and you are all having a laugh… Touch her arm or subtly hug her. She will associate having a good time with you.

3. She tries to mimic what you like

During our school days, we are still learning who we are. It’s easy to engage in something we didn’t know about if a close friend likes it.

We could become addicted to a videogame or develop a strong liking for a band.

But rarely do boys and girls share the same interests.

However, many young girls find an easy way to get closer to a boy by copying him. Girls would download a video game, watch the same shows, and even learn about a sport to make their crush notice her.

She won’t like everything you do, though. But if you suddenly see a girl doing something you do, and that something is typically a men’s thing, she’d probably like to go for ice cream with you someday.

4. She asks for your help with every subject

When we like someone, we inevitably become a little jealous. A girl in your class that’s interested in you will likely want to be with you on group projects.

That way, the other girls can’t be with you.

She’ll ask for your help frequently. You can trust this.

When a girl dislikes you, she won’t meet you to study, not even if you are the most intelligent guy in school.

I literally was the smartest in several subjects. I remember having a gorgeous friend that always came up with excuses to not let me help her.

5. She hugs you longer than anybody

Most girls hate hugging someone they dislike. But they aren’t when it’s boys that they are a bit crazy about.

You’ll have to practice your observation skills to gauge the actual level of a girl’s interest using this method.

First, notice if she’s a hugger. If that’s the case, then it’s a matter of how long she hugs you.

If there isn’t a noticeable difference between you and the rest, maybe she is kind, and that’s it.

However, it’s easier when the girl you like is not a fan of hugs — apparently.

If she hugs nobody but you, you can be pretty sure she likes you. It’s no coincidence.

6. She has told you a couple of secrets

Secrets are beyond the threshold of confidence. You may feel special when someone tells you a secret, and you should feel.

A girl may have a lot of friends in school but only reveal confidential information to someone important to her.

Secrets are a way to build trust with you — without actually telling you she likes you.

Why is that? Because women don’t wish to appear as desperate.

They predominantly operate with these covert signs, so you — the man — take the “first” step.

7. She chats about you with her friends

Many girls can be polite to you. But only one that likes you will mention you in a conversation with her best friends.

It is no stereotype that girls talk more than boys, and they often chat about their favorite singers or actors. For that reason, you can be sure you mean something to a girl if you find out she spoke about you with her closest classmates.

You’ll have to keep your eyes open to learn when a girl in your class tells her friends about you. Maybe her friends know something that you didn’t share with them.

Or simply the girl that likes you inadvertently confesses it.

Either way, it is no coincidence. In school or college, we always speak with our best friends about the people we like.

If you like our content, tell your friends about it. But don’t tell your enemies!

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