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How to Impress a Girl With Chatting: 7 Ways to Get Women into You in a Short Time

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You feel that there’s something you don’t know about talking to girls. You have female friends, but you want them to be more attracted to you.

Prepare yourself for a mindset change. You’ll read how good men like you impress women when chatting with them. Spoiler alert: filling her with compliments is not part of the strategy.

Do you want to know how to impress a girl with chatting? Here are 7 ways to make the woman you like enchanted with you.

1. Don’t be a nice guy

99 percent of all young men act like nice guys with women. As a result, they fail to establish a relationship with them. Why? Women don’t want nice guys. Resist the impulse to behave repulsively friendly when chatting with girls, and you will impress them.

Women like the thrill of the chase, so don’t fill her with compliments every time you chat. Looking like a guy with options will impress her.

Likewise, try not to agree to every one of her requests or favors. Also, tell her once in a while that you have a different opinion.

Every time you challenge her, she feels more impressed.

2. Send short texts

Long texts show two things about you: first, you are investing too much in the interaction, and second, you care too much about her. Always keep cool when chatting with women.

As a general rule, avoid the following mistakes:

  • Writing longer texts than her
  • Avoid sending too many emojis
  • Giving excessively long explanations — even if she asks a question

More on long explanations on point #4.

Also, if you must send a long text, then do so in just one message. Multiple notifications are a turnoff for women in the long term.

3. Don’t reply immediately

Despite what you may believe, women value an ambitious but unavailable man over a romantic one that replies to her texts within seconds.

I agree that you can consider it rude to delay your reply to come across as interesting. I’m not saying you should never reply to a girl quickly. In fact, sometimes you have to do it. However, letting her know you have nothing better to do than waiting for WhatsApps will not impress a woman at all.

4. Remain mysterious

Women are impressed by mysterious dudes. Remember that I told you about long replies? Well, you can even go further than that.

Imagine that she brings up a subject like exercising or painting and you also have that activity as a hobby. It’s tempting to chat about it for hours with her. However, you can save some details for future conversations.

Furthermore, you can say nothing about it and tell her you’ve been months into that next time the subject comes up.

Always keep a couple of good stories and details about yourself under your sleeve. You’ll lose this aura of mystery that attracts women if you open up too soon.

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5. Say you have work to do

A man’s main job inside a relationship is working and earning good money. You need to be able to provide food and shelter.

So, sometimes after a 45-minute chat with a lady, you can try telling her that you have work to do, so you must leave. She’ll feel impressed by you prioritizing your job, unlike the other 99 nice guys that text her.

Don’t do it all the time. Sometimes leave the girl you like on read, and other times it’s ok that she finishes the conversation first. Say it like you care about your job and not like something you hate.

6. Spark emotions

Typical mistake. You talk on and on about intellectual matters such as philosophy, politics, or technology. You think you were impressing this girl only until she stops replying to your texts.

When talking with a woman, either through text or in-person, your task is to spark emotions within her. Make her laugh, cry, or get angry, but never bore her.

“Who needs wealth when you can make a woman laugh.”

Tyrion Lannister.

7. Have the courage to ask her out

Nothing is more impressive to women than confident men. If you haven’t asked her out, you convey the message that you are a low-value man.

Many young men think that women will ask them out or that a date with a girl will arrange itself by casualty. This is your advantage.

After developing some confidence with a female, it’s time to ask her out. You don’t want to be a girl’s pen pal. You want to be out there having fun with her.

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