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How To Get A Second Date: 5 Must-Do Steps To Get A Girl On A Second Date With You

A girl you like agreed to go out with you. You are determined to make this date be a success, but… How to get a second date?

It is easy to fall into mistakes that turn women off. However, these five tips you will learn today are also manageable to apply.

Use the following knowledge to your advantage, and you are on the right track toward having lots of dates with women.

1. Choose the right place for the first date

Let’s start with the basics. If the first date isn’t fun, your girl is not likely to accept a second date.

However, the word “fun” can be a little tricky in this context. I’ll tell you more about it in the next point.

For now, your first job is to take the girl somewhere you can do something besides talking. That said, scratch the following plans off your list:

  • Having a drink at a bar
  • Lunch/dinner together
  • Watching a movie

What’s the problem with talking? Well, it’s simple. A man won’t make a girl fall in love with him by just talking.

Plus, it is hard to connect with someone using words the first time you meet.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great time discussing multiple topics. Not even if you two laugh together a lot during the first date.

Fun activities influence a woman’s mind stronger than conversations.

2. Don’t force jokes all night to make her laugh

I said the date must be fun, but… you should not make jokes? I think you’ll like the explanation.

Some men tend to think that if they are funny, women will love them and have sex with them. Well, there are a couple of significant downsides to forcing laughs on a first date.

  • Humor is subjective. Even if you are funnier than the overall person, it’s not a good idea to tell jokes all night. The reason is that humor is subjective, and you could create too many uncomfortable silences with your puns. Instead, focus on getting to know each other. Ask open-ended questions, listen more than you talk, and enjoy the activity both are sharing. As the night goes on, a couple of wisecracks will come up naturally.
  • You appear needy. Forcing jokes every few minutes makes it look like you are trying too hard. Women are turned off by men that are desperate to have intimacy. It is good to show some personality. Just don’t let your nerves attempt to make a joke out of every topic.

3. Have real standards

Women are less likely to accept a second date from a guy they find too agreeable. Or a man with no principles.

Let very clear from the start that you have standards. Let the girl know that you can walk away at any time.

For example, don’t be afraid to say you hate superheroes movies, even if the girl said she loves them. Also, tell her she’s a terrible comedian if she makes a bad joke.

And, of course, don’t let pass any kind of disrespect from her toward you.

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4. Don’t act super nice just to like her.

A common problem among young men is changing who they are when around women. Specifically, they become super nice.

And yes, you’ve guessed right. Acting nice turns women off.

These guys have a smile on their face the whole time they are with a girl, don’t say any bad words, and pretend they don’t have any bad habits.

Never lie to hide who you are on the first date. Also, don’t think about doing a lot of favors for her just to like her.

Seek to seduce women with your beliefs and personality, not by flashing your money or being her slave.

5. Build sexual tension and escalate

If a girl agrees to go out with you, she is almost surely looking for a relationship. Not a new friend.

Therefore, you must suggest that you like her for something more than a friendship. You can successfully create sexual tension doing the following three during the date:

Eye contact

Women like confident men. And confident men maintain eye contact.

Eye contact is a non-written language for romantic interest. Plus, it is an underrated way to build a strong connection with a woman.

Additionally, you can gauge a woman’s interest in you by noticing if she holds eye contact for several seconds.

If you have trouble holding eye contact, you might be performing some undermining habits like watching adult videos or feeding negative thoughts about yourself.

To help you hold eye contact with women, you can use the triangle technique. Easy and effective.

Subtle compliments

Telling her compliments can backfire on you, so be careful. The trick is not showering her with compliments about her clothes and what an angel she is.

Too many compliments make you look needy, but you can’t express sexual intent without them. So, to win a woman’s mind, tell her one or two bold compliments.

Most guys she dates are playing it safe. A short, straightforward, sensual compliment can make you stand out.

Physical touch

Human beings crave physical touch. We need touch and affection just as much as we need food.

Also, our brains release oxytocin when a romantic partner touches us. So, take advantage of psychology and subtly touch a woman’s arm or shoulder — or leg — if she’s close to you.

Going out with a girl and not building rapport and sexual tension through physical touch is like throwing money in the bin. Men must spark emotions in girls if they wish to get a second date.

If she’s receptive to subtle touches on the arm or shoulder, you can escalate and caress her or touch her leg. If she isn’t receptive, then by no means force physical touch.

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