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How to Get a Girlfriend in Middle School: 5 Basic Principles to Get to a Girl’s Heart at School

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Middle school is already difficult with all the tests. Let’s add to that the complex task of socializing with women. It can be overwhelming, especially for introverts.

Inexperienced students often approach girls incorrectly, which is typical given their age. Nobody taught them how to get a girlfriend in middle school.

This post is intended to educate you on two fronts. Developing primary aspects of the mindset of a seducer and how to form emotional bonds with girl classmates.

Here are 5 principles to help you get a girlfriend in middle school.

1. Don’t fake your personality

Don’t try to be someone else when you are with a girl you like. Talk about the things you love and do it confidently.

Maybe other guys at school are talking about cooler topics, and you may feel tempted to do the same. However, you won’t go too far with it.

You are even likely to look like a fool.

If you plan to start a relationship with a girl at your school, the best way is to build it from the ground with honesty. Otherwise, it will drain all your energy.

What if girls don’t like the same things as you? Then it is nothing wrong with staying single for a while. Keep studying, improve yourself, and eventually, a fine girl will come.

It is the rough edges that make a person fascinating.

2. Don’t pedestalize girls

Following the previous point, you won’t get a girlfriend if your mindset is set to believing you are incomplete without a girl. Not ever, and more even so in middle school, there will be a perfect girl.

So stop feeling angry for being single. Besides, many young men believe at some point that a girl they met was “the one”; and there’s nothing more away from reality.

If you are going to enter the world of dating, you should know a basic rule. Don’t ever approach just one girl.

The sense of abundance is paramount for not being a nice guy that girls talk to just because he is useful. Also, it prevents men from thinking every girl they like is “the one.”

3. Learn to not be a nice guy

Young boys at middle school often apply the “traditional” method to make girls fall in love with them. They buy the girl chocolates, flowers, etc. 

They might even try becoming her best friend first instead of boldly going after her. In summary, they turn into nice guys. 

Girls don’t want that. Buying gifts to them shows neediness, which men should not display. Plus, you should avoid the friendzone to death.

Also, when adolescents are infatuated with a girl, they develop some sort of liking for romantic songs. I’d recommend you to not listen to this music.

To make one of your girl classmates fall in love with you, you must learn how an alpha male behaves. A terrific book on the subject is Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to Being with You.

Although this book might be a little immoderate for young men, going through those pages will completely change the way you approach women in the future. Get it at your own peril.

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4. Improve your grades

Men are providers. That is men’s nature and what a woman seeks. In the world of middle school, it is not so much about money but homework and tests instead.

If you can be the best at a couple of subjects, girls will inevitably come to you. Whether it’s for help or because they want to team up with someone responsible.

If you can help your girl classmates with homework, you are halfway there. You will get to talk to them and maybe spend time with them studying with other friends.

Don’t stop there. Once you have a girl’s phone number, ask her out.

Don’t think about making her your girlfriend yet. If she senses that, she will run away. Focus on spending fun time together.

If she is not into you, then you can move on and help other girls. Knowledge is your leverage power.

5. Live responsibly

Having a girlfriend is a significant responsibility. So start acting like a responsible young man.

Keep your bedroom organized, help with house chores, study for your tests. If you cannot handle these tasks, maybe it’s too early for you to have a girlfriend.

Even if you could get a girl, the relationship most likely will fail. Immaturity will cause communication issues and more stuff.

Likewise, don’t be envious of other guys having a girlfriend. If they are immature, they’ll be in trouble soon. If they do are mature, seek to improve yourself.

If you would like to dive deeper into the dating topic, you can take a look at How to Have a Girlfriend as an Introvert. Surely you can get a couple of useful insights from it.

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