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How to Get a Girlfriend as an Introvert: 5 Ways Introverted Men Can Get the Woman They Want

Being a little introverted as a man should not mean that you can’t get the beautiful chicks to be with you. If you know what to do, you can get girls to go out with you on dates and maybe start a relationship in the future.

It won’t happen overnight. However, the process will impulse your self-development as a man in the long term.

Don’t know how to get a girlfriend as an introvert? Here are five ways that will lead you to achieve so.

1. Force yourself to approach girls every day

The first girl you approach most likely won’t be your girlfriend. And that’s fine.

As an introvert, you should aim to develop an abundance mindset and improve your seduction skills.

Most importantly, you need to approach women as much as you can so that you are less anxious when talking to them.

After some time, you will have a considerably better chance at getting cute girls to be your girlfriend or just spend the night with you.

Will you get rejected a few times? Of course. Not even Casanova seduced every woman he hit on.

However, in the sexual marketplace, getting rejected and honing your pickup skills is infinitely more valuable than never talking to hot girls out of fear of rejection.

2. Build muscle and get bigger

Building muscle will help you in several ways to get a girlfriend.

First, lifting weights is the best way to get an instant boost of confidence, which is paramount when talking to women. Plus, you’ll become more physically attractive.

Besides appearance, regularly working out makes you more disciplined and strengthens your confidence. Overall, you become a better version of yourself.

When you focus on improving yourself first, you’ll attract more girls and won’t settle for a low-value one.

3. Don’t fall for the Nice Guy Syndrome

Typically, men turn into either jerks or nice guys around women. If you are an introvert, you are likely to believe that worshiping a girl will make her your girlfriend.

Nothing further from reality.

Even though you don’t have too many girls on your contact list, you should not become a slave of the one or two that maybe talk to you.

Nice Guys behaviors

  • Replying to text messages within seconds
  • Doing her favors / offering your help day and night
  • Being overly nice to her
  • Getting mad when girls take long to reply
  • Constantly seeking approval from others

Avoid these traits at all costs. Men who behave like these very often end up bitter when women don’t reciprocate their niceness.

Instead, work on improving your confidence – and your pickup skills.

When you learn how women operate, you’ll drop ‘nice guy’ traits that women find repulsive.

If you hate:

  • Running out of things to say to women
  • Not knowing how to turn women on
  • Seeing other guys bang the girls you like

I recommend you read Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to You.

This book might be a little hard for you if you are still 18. However, no other resource on the internet will give you better insights on seduction. You can read my Womanese 101 – Book Review if you want to learn more about this mind-blowing content.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you complete a purchase through those links, I may receive a commission at no extra cost for you.

4. Set a date with the girl every week

If you wait too much to make a move on a girl, you are at risk of ending up in the friendzone. You need to know how to escalate interactions with women.

For that purpose, you should set weekly dates with the girl you like.

Become a part of her lifestyle. Setting these weekly dates comes with two benefits.

First, if you two go out once every week, you get closer to her. You get to flirt with her more, touch her, etc.

Also, another benefit is determining how interested a girl is in you. If she makes excuses to avoid seeing each other, then you know she’s not that much into you.

Be ruthless about it. Stop asking this girl out and move to the next one.

Women have little to no compassion when it comes to rejecting guys they don’t like. You should do the exact same thing.

Although you may want to see a girl every day, you must avoid suggesting daily dates.

You’d appear as someone needy without anything ambitious going on in his life, which would make you lose every opportunity with a girl.

Even though it’s good to practice your game every day, a young man should always prioritize his self-development above chasing girls.

5. Learn skills and provide value

Women value men who are value givers. Fun men, men who make money, or basically guys who make them feel good.

As an introvert, maybe parties arent your thing. But there are other ways to provide value to a girl.

First, you should spend time developing skills that make you a more useful man overall. After all, a man should take good care of his girl.

Plus, you become a better version of yourself in the process. That must be a man’s priority.

But there are other ways to provide value to women, which is to make them feel good when they’re around you.

For that purpose, spend some free time learning about the following:

  • How to read a woman’s body language
  • Becoming funnier
  • Talking to women
  • Escalating interactions

Having a medium knowledge about these subjects will improve your chances of getting a girlfriend — even if you are somewhat introverted.

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