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How to Detox Your Mind From Negativity: 7 Practical Ways to Create a More Positive Reality

Intruding thoughts can take away our happiness and even our energy. But you can learn how to detox your mind from negativity in a short time.

Usually, we unconsciously expose ourselves to negativity through our daily habits. The people we talk to, the accounts we follow, and so on.

Today, you’ll learn about seven ways to detox your mind from negativity and start creating a more optimistic present.

1. Unfollow the wrong people on social media

Social media has positive and negative aspects. For one, you can learn how to be more healthy or find tips that help your business grow.

However, social media is also full of toxicity nowadays. Most people check their accounts daily for an average of two hours.

As a result, they consume lots of harmful content. Fake news, manipulation, hate speech, and more.

If your thoughts are mainly negative recently, you should start curating your social media feeds.

Unfollow those who bring distress to your mind and mute words that take your peace of mind away from you.

2. Start a meditation habit

Five minutes of meditation a day works wonders in your mind. You learn to live in the present moment and how to interrupt any disturbing thoughts.

There are multiple ways to start this helpful habit. Pick the one that suits you the most.

Meditating will improve how you deal with negative or stressful experiences and reduce your negative emotions. A skill you’ll be grateful to develop.

3. Curate your inner circle

You have probably already read a lot about cutting toxic people of our lives. That advice is everywhere these days.

But it’s true. Your inner circle affects how you see your life.

Curate your inner circle both in-person and on your phone’s contact list. Surround yourself with kind, positive people that make you see the good things in the world.

Don’t be afraid of being alone. I assure you there are great people out there in case you have to cut someone from your life.

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4. Write your thoughts every day

Journaling is one of the easiest and also productive ways to get negative thoughts out of your mind.

Writing helps you self-reflect. You can write anything good or bad that you want.

It’s supposed to be fun. Write your thoughts until it starts feeling like work.

Daily writing relieves stress and organizes your thoughts.

What’s more, some people recommend keeping a notebook next to your bed if you want to get something out of your mind during the night.

I also heard of a website where you can write something to the void. However, keeping a journal allows us to go back to some notes and see our progress.

5. Practice gratitude

Don’t bitter your days wishing what others have. Sometimes, we take things for granted and regret when they’re gone.

Appreciate the good things more often. Every day if possible.

Tell people in your life that you are grateful for them, and thank god because you’re healthy.

Doing so will result in you enjoying life more and finding it easier to be optimistic.

6. Spend less time on social media

Besides curating your Twitter or Instagram feed, you should also consider spending less time on those platforms. The reason is that the people you see on those sites are a masquerade.

They have problems too, but they hide them under smiling faces. Plus, you can see dozens of pessimistic news that would only bring you down.

We, humans, are often victims of negative bias. That’s a subconscious tendency to remember or give more importance to pessimistic events.

You might need to read three positive news to counter the impact of a negative one.

7. Say positive affirmations first thing in the morning

I discovered the power of affirmations through my favorite book: How to Fail at Almost Everything And Still Win Big by Scott Adams.

He went through a couple of issues with his drawing hand and his voice. He believed firmly that daily affirmations would help him overcome those problems.

You can release any intruding thoughts by stating the following first thing in the morning:

  • I welcome health and happiness
  • I control my emotions
  • I forgive myself
  • I embrace positivity into my life

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