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How to Deal with a Jerk Brother: 5 Practical Ways to Behave When You Have Toxic Siblings

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Few people can imagine how daunting it is to have a brother bullying you psychologically. Your parents try to convince you that he is not that bad or that you should not get angry.

However, the years go by, and the situation remains the same. Well, not exactly the same. You have 3 times a harder time dealing with your brother.

If this is your case, I’m sure these 5 tips will help you how to deal with a jerk brother.

1. Distant yourself from your brother when he gets toxic

Ignoring your brother can be an effective way to subtly deal with toxicity. You can try starting a conversation with another person in the room or just get immersed in your phone until your brother leaves the room.

Try not to be an easy target for your brother’s biting comments. This will minimize his opportunities to belittle you and thus will allow you to not get mad.

Starting a fight by replying with another rudeness is rarely worth it.

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2. Tell your brother every time he hurts you

Another politically correct way to deal with an obnoxious brother is to let him know how you feel. The objective of this strategy is to not normalize his behavior.

Sometimes, and I took a long time to learn this, people belittle us without intention. So for a certain amount of days, it’s a good idea to externalize your feelings. Tell your brother that not only it’s not fun, but it’s also toxic.

If he continues to be a jerk, you can employ a bolder approach.

3. Leave him talking alone

Your attention is a precious resource. I’m not saying it just in a relationship context, but in life in general. You become the things that you pay attention to.

For example:

  • Friends
  • Books or TV shows
  • YouTube videos
  • News

So, whenever your brother is making you feel mad, try going to another room. They can’t bother you if you’re not around, and most importantly, you stop giving them attention, which is what they want after all.

Also, sometimes when jerk brothers say something mean, they try to make it as nothing happened by asking you a kind of a serious question (what team won the game last night or something like that).

If this is the case, leave the room without replying.

4. Don’t get mad (keep reading to know how and why)

I’ve spent years of my life bittered and mad because of my jerk brother. Only until I realized that it’s hard to live with a jerk, but it’s worse to be a jerk.

Since then, every time my brother triggered my anger, I was able to calm down within seconds. I just had to remember that it was better to deal with him than be him.

It also applies when anyone tries to bother you. Remember that bullies are just projecting their insecurities onto you. Don’t believe anything they tell you.

5. Distant yourself completely

After you try all reconciliation and ignoring resources, you have the right to distance yourself once and for all from this toxic person. Family is the most important thing in the world, but everyone has their limit.

Don’t take this decision just after a couple of months of dealing with a jerk brother. Talk with someone older first, or talk to your brother himself.

However, all relationships reach a breaking point. You might no longer want this toxicity and bad vibes from your brother, so you are allowed to say goodbye.

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