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How to Be Popular in High School: 7 Easy Ways to Get Your Classmates to Like You More

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High school goes by faster than we can imagine. Every day we are invisible feels like a life wasted. But you and anyone can learn how to be popular in high school in a short time.

Yes, it is just a matter of details. I have seen nerds or shy guys become friends with the most popular girls.

Once you are on the right path, the fun starts.

If you have five minutes, take note of these 7 ways to get popular in high school.

1. Text your classmates consistently

You won’t be too popular if you only talk to your classroom during the day. Fortunately, you have apps and social media.

During the evening, take some minutes to reply to a couple of your classmates’ stories on Instagram.

If they are girls, better. Don’t try to start a long, meaningful conversation. Your goal is to reply something fun to your friend and no more.

Reply to their stories or make a remark about something interesting. Don’t be shy. All classmates get happy when a school fellow texts them.

Gauge the response of your girl classmates and determine the frequency you will text them. At first, don’t do it every day, but don’t do it once a fortnight either.

With your guy friends, you can suggest creating a group on Discord to talk privately about homework. With time, you and the other members will have a stronger friendship.

If the group already exists, ask them if you can join.

2. Don’t get mad for a bit of bullying

Don’t get me wrong. Bullying is totally incorrect. At Young Life Strategy, we condemn all kinds of bullying.

However, there is an interesting story in Jordan Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life.”

When he started at a new job, he got a bit of bullying at first. It was no job for a weak man, you should know.

Consequently, his new co-workers used bullying as a way to know if Jordan had what it takes to work there. Jordan knew that, and he didn’t get mad.

After a week, his colleagues embraced him as a friend.

High school is not too different from that job. If a classmate makes an inoffensive joke about you, do not get super angry about it.

The key is showing that the joke did not disturb you. Just smile.

Who knows? Maybe that person sees you as someone cool and wants to be friends with you.

3. Help your classmates with tests

Most think that the football team is the most popular in high school. Sometimes, maybe.

However, you can provide the most value, and thus, gain popularity, when you can help your classmates pass their tests.

Being seen as smart gives a bit of superiority. If you behave friendly enough, you will gain the approval of your classmates.

Plus, you can study together someday, which will strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

If you have a hard time with a couple of subjects, at least spend enough time studying to not be seen as the dumbest on those particular subjects.

4. Talk frequently

Other students won’t notice you enough if you keep your thoughts to yourself. You will not magically become popular.

If your classroom has a group on WhatsApp, say something when the conversation starts. Say hi to all your classmates in the morning.

Also, remember to text your classmates frequently. But make sure they too text you first occasionally.

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5. If your classmates invite you to a party, GO

Parties are one of the events that students remember for longer during their life. The talk about the party the day after is one of the things that most bring classmates closer together.

Therefore, going to parties is fundamental. If you ever get invited, sort any obstacle in your way.

You don’t have to be the life of the party. Just going and not doing anything weird will make you more popular than you were the day before.

If your parents say you can’t go, tell them you read on the internet about the importance of going to parties.

6. Don’t get obsessed with a series or sports team

When you are in high school, you start to find who you are. As a result, many students tend to exaggerate their enthusiasm for a specific topic.

This could be a popular TV show, anime, a sports team… You get the picture.

However, those obsessions are a bit childish. If you want to become popular in high school, you must show a little more maturity.

Resist the urge to buy a notebook with your music artist or video game on the cover.

If you find out some of your classmates have things in common with you, talk about it with them. Meanwhile, keep your personal devotions to yourself.

7. Start a side hustle that makes you a bit of money

This is not mandatory, but it helps a lot. We like it or not, money gives people status.

Fortunately, you can earn some money without too much hassle these days. For example, investing in crypto, NFT, etc.

Do good research before committing your money, and only spend what you are willing to lose.

You can also try flipping stuff, taking surveys, or Facebook Ads.

If nothing weird happens, things will go your way. You will have a bit of extra money and an exciting topic of conversation.

Extra Tips

If you got this far, I have a couple more tips to help you cruise in high school and further in your life.

First, I will advise you against falling in love with one of your classmates. Doing so will mostly bitter your high school/college days.

Plus, if the other person does not feel the same, you will look a little vulnerable.

Finally, I heartily recommend you dropping video games. Instead, use your spare time to become wiser and stronger.

These two qualities will positively impact your mindset, making you multiple times more attractive, thus making you more popular.

Exercising three times a week plus 10 minutes of reading and you will become unstoppable.

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