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How To Be More Fun In A Relationship: 5 Ways To Add Entertainment To Your Relationship

Half people in the world are introverts. Probably you (like me) are an introvert too. I think it’s great.

However, we might need to learn a bit about how to be more fun in a relationship.

Fun is a fundamental part of any relationship. In fact, you are likely to drive your couple away if you become too serious about the relationship too soon.

Especially with women, fun should always be the focus. Don’t worry about your future or having the perfect date every time. Have fun when you two are together.

If you like, check out these five tips to create a more fun relationship.

1. Switch to a personal, more fun lifestyle

Sometimes, you’ll need to fight your comfort zone. Watching Netflix is still OK once in a while; however, force yourself to spend nights with your partner doing something that demands more energy from both.

Things like going out late at night, traveling, or playing games between the two always work.

If you are often busy with your job, try reading “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. It’ll teach you how to escape the ordinary work schedule.


2. Exploit your partner’s love language

People have preferred ways of expressing and receiving love, i.e., a love language.

Dr. Gary Chapman first introduced this term in 1992. According to him, there are the following five love languages:

  • Words of affirmation
  • Physical touch
  • Receiving gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Quality time

Understanding your partner’s love language will make you more appreciated by your couple. Plus, these acts of love make the relationship more fun for your partner.

Also, it helps a lot for reconciling after a fight.

3. Hang out with people more fun than you

Jim Rohn said that people are the average of their five closest friends. And he’s right.

So why don’t you try hanging out with people more fun than you for a while? You’ll be surprised at how much you improve.

By being around and speaking with fun people, you can improve:

  • Joke-telling skills 
  • Conversational skills
  • The way you approach attractive people

4. Write a list with fun dates ideas

An exciting date idea rarely comes up minutes before you are going out. It’s better to plan dates a few days ahead.

For that purpose, write a bucket list on your phone with fun date plans you come up with or read on the internet. Then, surprise your partner.

Forget the movies, dining, or picnics. Go to a stand-up comedy show, play pool on some bar, or play an adult roleplay game that involves kissing or massages.

5. Read pickup and red pill books

Men who read books on these subjects play with a massive advantage. First, they know how to say what a woman wants to hear and how to make her laugh. 

Besides, they know how to keep her interested and investing in them. After all, when women work on something, they value it more.

In summary, these men know how to psychologically not bore a woman.

Books such as “The Book of Pook” teach men important principles for interaction with women. You will learn to behave during the seduction process and in a relationship.

Fun is the bridge toward intimacy.

Don’t stress about showing the world how fun your relationship is. Maybe your friends do it on social media; however, ninety-nine percent of the time is a delusion.

Real fun often escapes the cameras. Apply the principles on this article that compelled you the most, and enjoy plenty of fun moments with your couple.

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