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How to Be More Confident in a Relationship: 7 Tips to Increase Your Confidence with Your Couple

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Relationships can either make or break you. Therefore, you want to have complete confidence in yourself to handle this new experience in your life. Otherwise, you might face uncomfortable scenarios constantly. Take a look at these 7 tips on how to be more confident in a relationship. Enjoy a life of happiness with your couple.

1. Remind yourself of your value

Having low self-esteem gives the wrong impression about yourself. However, you must remember that you bring plenty of positive qualities to the relationship.

To help yourself be aware of your relationship value, write down the following and read it every day:

  • I’m a strong person
  • I’m lovable just the way I am
  • People love me and accept me for who I am
  • My needs are important

Having your needs met is paramount for a working relationship. Otherwise, you are likely to seek reinforcement from your partner, like asking if everything is okay all the time. Not good behavior to display to someone we like.

2. Don’t idealize your partner nor the relationship

Idealizing or having unrealistic expectations about our partner only drives us to a state of constant disappointment. We would be forever waiting on things that will never occur. As a consequence, we build resentment toward our partner.

However, if your partner doesn’t behave as romantically as you’d like, that doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t love you. It just means that they have a different way of loving than yours.

Your partner takes too long to reply? Probably she’s busy, or she was distracted. Does she get text messages from other guys? She’s allowed to have friends. In fact, that would mean you have a pretty girlfriend, congrats!

Don’t let little things make you look unconfident. If something really bothers you, talk it out with your partner.

3. Set personal boundaries

It happens to many people, especially those who are new to the relationship world. These people are afraid their partner gets angry or breaks up with them. As a consequence, they avoid setting boundaries, stand up for themselves, and give in to avoid discussions.

However, not setting boundaries negatively impacts yourself and the relationship in several ways. But if you defend your physical and emotional space, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Improved confidence. Enforcing personal boundaries is an exercise that only confident people can do. Learn to say no, and watching how your partner respects you more now will boost your confidence.
  • Relationship power. If you communicate clear boundaries, you convey the message that your needs are as important as hers. Therefore, your partner will understand that you would leave the relationship if you don’t get your physical and emotional space.
  • Peace of mind. People who determine solid boundaries don’t have others taking advantage or saying things to them that they don’t find comfortable.

List the boundaries you’ll like to set in the relationship and – calmly – communicate them to your partner.

4. Eliminate passive-aggressive behavior

Passive-aggressive behavior is a constant among low-confident people. That is because passive-aggressive behavior comes from avoiding direct communication.

Eliminating passive-aggressive behavior shows you are a confident person that doesn’t avoid the truth. This action is healthy for the relationship too.

Become aware of your passive-aggressive behaviors and work on acting differently. If you need help dealing with these behaviors, you can always ask a therapist for help.

5. Learn to establish an open dialog

Good communication skills are fundamental for a relationship. Sooner or later, couples have their first fight. Therefore, if you learn how to resolve conflict, you’ll boost your confidence as you and your partner will grow closer together.

What’s more, this boost of confidence lets you be more honest and authentic.

Couples with healthy relationship communication are more intimate and trust each other more strongly. A good book on the subject is beneficial for developing functional communication skills and understanding.

6. Embrace sexual intimacy

How things are going in the bedroom affects your confidence. Either positively or negatively. However, investing time to improve bedroom-related matters will quickly boost your confidence.

What can I do to be more sexually confident with my partner?

  • Accept your body. Confident people know they are desirable just the way they are. However, it helps to exercise regularly. Exercising is good for your health and allows you to stay sexually attractive.
  • Know that sex doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s nobody’s fault if sex doesn’t go smoothly once in a while. So don’t rely your self-esteem only on sex. Confident people know the important thing is to have fun, have some pleasure, and make an intimate emotional connection with your partner.
  • Communicate your preferences. You and your partner can feel more relaxed if both communicate your likings with each other. Doing so prevents that both waste time guessing and feel frustrated.
  • Enhance your creativity. The knowledge from books about confident sexual behavior enhances your bedroom creativity and your confidence about sexual matters.

7. Understand the benefits of rejection

Rejection provides tons of learning. Don’t be afraid of being rejected. Instead, a person should regret playing it safe to avoid rejection.

Although rejection hurts, it prevents that you invest time – and money – on someone who merely is not your right match. Know that if someone rejects you, it doesn’t mean you are not a worthy person.

Rejection helps you learn more about yourself. And even if a relationship fails, it will leave you several learnings about who you are and what you want in life.

A key element for the success of any relationship is knowing when to walk away. Even if there never was a relationship. To be confident in a relationship, you have to be a confident person being alone. Never rely your happiness on another person.

Enjoy it and Be Yourself

Not all people are lucky enough to find someone worthy of starting a relationship. Enjoy this gift.

As you just learned, even rejection has its benefits. Don’t pay too much attention to what will happen in the future. Don’t worry about what your partner is doing at all moments. Be yourself and enjoy each other’s company.

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