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How Often to Text a Girl? The Non-written Rules That Every Man Should Know On The Subject

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A text message has the power to start a lasting relationship. Or to end one. Either way, those who understand the psychology behind texting play the game with a massive advantage.

Nevertheless, even if a man knows how to make women laugh through text, he could still pull her away if he doesn’t know how often to text a girl.

Should I text a girl I like every day?

This is a common mistake among young men. They think that being polite and attentive will get them a girlfriend.

So what they do? They text the girl they like every day. You should definitely don’t do this.

On many other sites, you might read that texting is a means to an end. With texting, your main goal is to set up a date with the girl.

Whether you are looking for a somewhat serious relationship or only a bit of fun, texting will only get you so far. You need to ask her out.

Outside it’s where the fun is and the best way to get closer to a woman.

Additionally, texting every day a girl you find attractive reduces your chances of getting intimate with her. You kill the attraction by doing so.

You’ll only interest her if you can make her chase you. Not the other way around.

Every moment you remain a mystery to a woman, making her wonder what are you doing, it’s a moment you make her more curious about you.

The more curious she is, the more attraction she’ll develop toward you.

When you text girls every day or super often without asking her out, you slowly become common to her.

Be bold to escalate interactions, both through text and in person. And don’t fear rejection.

It is better to fail on the side of confidence than on the side of fear.

I know what you’re thinking. “Okay, I understood that perfectly. However, I still wonder if…

Should I text her more than she texts me?

Also no. Again, men must avoid investing more time and affection than the woman.

Texting a girl very often makes you look needy. Women should not think you have no other options besides her.

However, it’s still important to text women we like occasionally so that you show her your confidence. Whether she texts you back or rejects you.

How often should I text girls I like?

So, when should you text her? I’d say between 2 to 5 days after she texted you first should work.

Preferably, wait until she texts you first twice before you start a chat with her. That way, you are more sure she is into you, and you are not wasting your time.

Once you both start getting to know each other better and she becomes more open with you, you can escalate your texting a little.

How Often to Text a Girl

Not only texting her first more often but also leading the conversation toward intimacy.

If a woman gives you mixed signals, take them as a no.

You should feel in control at the end of the day

Men have to lead the conversation every time they are talking to a woman. It is in a woman’s nature to follow a strong man.

Bring out fun topics, seek to ask her out, and control the frequency of your interactions. That includes both regularly texting the other first.

If you feel like you are putting in all the effort, this girl likely doesn’t want you romantically.

Let her go. You are the great catch.

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