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A Girl Says She Has A Boyfriend But Still Flirts With Me: 3 Hidden Motives Why A Girl With A Boyfriend Flirts With You And What You Should Do

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Whether you’re single or this girl is gorgeous, it’s complicated not to pay attention to her — even if she already has a boyfriend.

So, the question is… Should you continue flirting or walk away? Well… It depends (not the answer you were looking for, right?).

Haha, I’m just kidding. I’ll explain to you in detail what you can do in this situation and why women flirt with other guys even when they already have a couple.

Why a Girl with a Boyfriend Flirts with Me

First, you need to know why this girl is flirting with you because you don’t want to get serious with a girl that’s only using you for fun.

1. You are her backup

You are not better than her boyfriend, but you are ok. These days it is more common to see girls flirting with several men in case their current relationship fails.

Meanwhile, you are in the friend zone — and you’ll stay there with a 98 percent chance.

So, why do I want to tell you? If you feel you are just a backup option and that she flirts with you to get favors from you, take distance. The 2 percent possibilities of getting this girl are never worth it.

In summary, she is not really flirting. If she were to become single, she would most likely ghost you if you ask her out.

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2. You are better than her boyfriend in some ways

Depending on your financial situation and physical appearance, she could be really flirting with you. It’s just that the other guy appeared sooner.

However, she might slightly regret she didn’t meet you first.

You’ll know she sees you as boyfriend material because she barely mentions her boyfriend in conversations. Also, this woman often texts you first and sometimes at night.

If she tells you that she fights with her boyfriend, don’t take it as a sign. Women love having discussions.

Continue meeting girls and having dates. That’s my advice for you. Here’s why:

  • You make her jealous, and that makes you more exciting
  • You force her to make a decision — it’s either him or you
  • You avoid idealizing her
  • If she chooses the other guy, you don’t have to start from square one 

I’m not a fan of “stealing” another man’s girl. However, you can try seducing her if they don’t have more than one year together. Also, if you consider yourself a better man than her current partner.

Meanwhile, you’re heading toward getting your heartbreak if they’ve been together for long, and the guy is a more complete man than you.

3. She plans to use you

Some girls have ulterior motives to flirt with introverted guys. For example:

  • Asking you for money
  • Asking you for favors periodically (fix her computer, car, etc.)
  • She likes the girlfriend benefits you give her without having to sleep with you

Even though it feels good to help a woman and that she reciprocates by flirting with you, this is not a good long-term strategy. You are likely to develop feelings for her and end up with nothing 100 percent of the time.

Again, you can know if she’s using you by asking her out. If she comes out with an excuse, subtly remove all her benefits and move on to a new woman — preferably a single one.

What Should I Do If a Girl Has Boyfriend But Likes Me?

The following is a win-win strategy for you in case a woman with a boyfriend likes you. You either get the girl or get another one.

What is it? First, simply make it a goal to date a new woman every week. It is paramount not to develop feelings for a taken female.

Second, reduce the time you invest in the girl flirting with you. But whenever you interact, do your best in attempting to seduce her. You want her to know that you would still make her your girlfriend if she leaves the first guy.

When you go out with new girls, try to post a picture on your Instagram stories so she knows she might lose you.

In the end, you have two probable happy outcomes. You either like one of the girls you met recently, or the woman flirting with you makes a move and leaves her boyfriend for you.

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