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Friends or Girlfriend is More Important? 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Friends Close During A Relationship

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The excitement of having a new girlfriend causes young men to forget the rest of the world exists. His friends included. After some time, a question arises: my friends or girlfriend is more important?

On one side, your friends have been loyal to you, and you appreciate them. However, your girlfriend is supposed to be the future mother of your children.

What most guys do is that they give all their attention to their partner. This is a mistake for several reasons.

Here are three reasons why you should keep your friends close even if you have a girlfriend.

1. Close friends are an asset

One person can’t do it all in life. Some build houses, some fix computers, and so on.

That’s why having close friends comes in handy. They help you (and your spouse) often for free, and you help them in return too.

A friend in a position of power can save you a headache anytime in the future.

Although it may sound like a selfish approach toward friendship, favors are a fundamental aspect of any tribe. You should not lose the support of others for any reason.

2. Friends are scarce, girls not so much

A lasting, loyal friend is harder to find than a sweet girl you can marry. As you grow up, you realize that intelligent, pretty women are abundant.

You should never start a relationship with a oneitis thinking. 

Make time to talk and help your friends — and another chick you find attractive too.

If you have a girlfriend, an honorable man must be loyal to her at all times. Nevertheless, obsessing over her will likely ruin the attraction.

Spend time with friends regularly and know you can get a new — and maybe better — girlfriend if things don’t work out between the two. 

That is your formula to prevent idealizing your girlfriend or becoming obsessed with her.

It’s normal that you want to spend many hours with your girlfriend. You feel mighty around her.

However, fearing she’ll leave you if you choose your colleagues sometimes over her indicates weakness. You must always retain walkaway power.

Tell your girlfriend since the beginning that your friends are an important part of your life. Doing so shows you are independent and don’t place your happiness on her.

Furthermore, you should never submit to a woman’s request of dropping your friends for her.

3. Shows who you are as a person

Cutting all contact overnight with a person that has been loyal to you for years does not speak very well about you.

Above all, a man must be honorable and loyal.

However, if you decide it’s ok not to care about your friends anymore, especially to give all your attention to your new girlfriend, it says you are someone without values.

Relationships are thrilling at the start, but men should not make a woman the center of their world.

Always make time for friends, your career, and self-improvement. That way, you don’t hit rock bottom in case your relationship fails.

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