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Do You Need Money to Have a Girlfriend? Myths and Truths About How Much Money is Needed to Seduce a Woman

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Not having enough money is a common worry for young men. They think they won’t be able to buy food, but most importantly, no girl will fall in love with them.

But, do you need money to have a girlfriend? Yes and no. You are looking for a more concise answer, I suppose.

Well, the thing is that you do need money to have a couple, but I would like to break some myths you might have about dating along the way. Spoiler alert: you don’t need a Ferrari to make a girl attracted to you.

When Do You Need Money to Have a Girlfriend?

Take a look at the scenarios where you need money to succeed romantically and when not.

Money for dates

I’m an old-school guy (even though I’m still young), and I believe men should pay for dinner. No matter the outcome of the date.

The trick is to know when a girl really likes you or if she’s just using you to get free meals. Identify the latter and stop taking her out. Besides, you don’t need to go to the most expensive restaurant to seduce a girl.

Any girl that is not happy to eat a simple hamburger so she can see you for a couple of hours is not worthy of your time and money.

So yes, you need a job that allows you to take a girl for dinner 1 or 2 times a week. But remember the following:

  • Invite girls that actually find you a good catch
  • Never over attach to one of your dates in case she’s using you
  • If she offers to pay for her food, don’t stop her

One more thing, never believe you are the only guy a woman is dating. Several females might go out with a guy in the afternoon for free food and then have a second date with another man that same evening and sleep with him.

Start a family

You must get your finances right if you’d like to settle in with a girl one day. We are not getting younger. A woman could leave you if she sees no future by your side due to your monetary income.

I don’t mean you can’t get married if you are not rich. Please delete that concept from your mind. Thousands of couples, if not millions, get married and build their homes year after year.

But you do need a stable income. And you need to know how to spend it wisely (if you can learn about investments, even better).

Men must take care of their family’s medical emergencies. That’s why you need money. But women shouldn’t expect to get married and instantly move to a mansion and live like a queen. Those girls are heading toward living single their whole lives.

Taking care of yourself

Young men believe they will get a girlfriend by showing off their money. Meanwhile, they are weak and lack personality.

Despite what you may believe, money doesn’t attract women — not a good one. You become attractive to girls when they see a man they can rely on. For that purpose, you need to take care of yourself (and that costs a bit of money).

You will get closer to having a girlfriend by eating well and going to the gym than buying a brand new car. Spending money on courses and books is also a better strategy for getting a couple than showing off luxuries.

Additionally, men become more attractive when they learn useful skills such as cooking, plumbing, and fighting.

When Don’t You Need Money to Have a Girlfriend?

Now, let’s go with the myths about money and seduction.

Give her gifts

Many young men spend most of their money on gifts for their girlfriends, which is a terrible investment. You should only make a gift for your couple once in a while and exclusively after she did something nice for you first. Gifts are rewards in a relationship.

Your main tasks as a man in a relationship are:

  • make decisions and assume the responsibility
  • provide food when you’re married
  • protect your family with your life if necessary

You can buy a flower or a small chocolate a bit more often, especially the day you are going on a date, but you shouldn’t make massive spending just to try to make her happy.

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Impress her with material possessions

Using money and material stuff to impress girls only impresses women temporarily. Especially if you don’t have a high-income job and a couple of thousands in the bank.

Physical strength, money-making skills, and a fun personality work best when impressing women. Gifts and showing off will sustain a relationship only for a limited time.

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