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The Art of Twitter

Tweeting can be extremely fun sometimes. In 2021, you can make money with your tweets!

Do have knowledge and storytelling skills? Are you fun? The Art of Twitter taught how to monetize their content to plenty of famous accounts now on Twitter. They tweet, sleep, and wake up with money on their bank account.

Harsh Strongman, aka LifeMathMoney has over 260K followers on the platform. You won’t find someone better to teach you how to grow your account.

Live Intentionally

I’m sure that deep down you want to be jacked, want to start reading psychology or philosophy, or beat all your colleagues at work.

Don’t know how to start? Live Intentionally might be for you.

Womanese 101: How to Talk and Flirt with Women, Make Girls Addicted to Being with You

Simply a must-read book for every young men. Don’t be another nice guy who spends years without sleeping with women he likes.

Speaking womanese will teach you how to unlock a woman’s legs — and how to keep her if you want. You can read my Womanese 101 – book review to learn more about this book and all the extra resources that come with the bundle.

womanese 101