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How to Be More Interesting To A Girl: 8 Effective Ways to Stop Being Invisible to Women

You meet a girl different from the rest. However, you are not sure if she’ll like you just as much. You want to say something cool to her, but nothing comes to your mind. At that moment, countless men feel like their destiny is to live alone forever.

Fret not. You can get any woman you like. If you want to know how to be more interesting to a girl, read the following tips. Your life will change for good.

1. Read non-fiction books

Non-fiction books are a must for every man seeking to belong to the top 1 percent of people. For that purpose, I’ll leave you a list of the best books for you to start. So, what makes non-fiction books so important?

First, self-development books give you a frame most people don’t possess. Especially seduction books. Reading self-development books improves your interaction with women exponentially.

Additionally, the more a person reads, the more conversation topics have to speak with others. More fascinating answers to give to someone.

Ultimately, self-development books give you the knowledge and tools necessary to strive in many areas of life. Success attracts women. Always focus on yourself first.

Great self-development books every man should read:

  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • No more Mr. Nice guy by Robert A. Glover
  • How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams
  • The Book of Pook

In particular, No more Mr. Nice Guy provides life-changing insights regarding how you approach women and life in general.

2. Let her miss you

A man with a mission is super interesting. If you already know a girl and you two talk on WhatsApp or have even go out on dates, you need to make yourself less available.

Men should always put work and self-development first. Doing so is paramount when you want to impress a girl.

Attraction grows in space. Constant availability and spending countless hours chatting make you look needy or that nothing new ever happens in your life. Avoid that at all costs.

Find a hobby like walking or lifting weights so that you can be away from your phone for an hour or two.

Remember, lenders give more money to those who need it less.

3. Read blogs on seduction

You can become a more interesting person without having to read thousands of pages on the subject. That’s where blogs on seduction, podcasts, or even Twitter accounts play a significant role. They provide you with quick but helpful psychological takes that you can implement the next time you talk to a woman.

The format of a blog or Twitter account allows you to improve your game one post or tweet at a time. In a few days, you’ll have accumulated a good amount of knowledge that will make you better at approaching girls, thus appearing more exciting to them.

It’s about improving a lot and also quickly.

I recommend following @BookOfPook on Twitter and reading the posts on this website, of course.

4. Don’t talk more than her

Let her do the talking. Girls love it. Besides, it’ll make you look more mysterious, which is an excellent thing for you.

Also, avoid chatting with her for long periods. A 30-minute conversation where everything is laughing beats a 3-hour long chat that ends with you two bored. It might be hard at first, but people remember the beginning and end of conversations more vividly.

Here’s another tip: avoid sad or negative topics. Psychology says that people associate two things or ideas that are proximate.

5. Upgrade your skill/talent stack

Bestselling author Scott Adams coined this concept in his book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. A talent stack means learning several ordinary skills over time. However, when combined with the unique talents this person has, these skills form an extraordinary person.

A practical talent stack will help you both on a professional and personal level. People admire you and respect you when you can give value to their lives, which is essential if you try to build a relationship with a woman.

6. Go out more

Go out by yourself or with friends. Funny and interesting things tend to happen when we go out. You learn about the places you go and have various new unique topics to speak with others.

On the other hand, staying at home and watching Netflix all the time makes you look uninteresting and without ambition in life.

7. Have ready-to-go conversation topics

Sometimes, it isn’t that we are not good talkers. Simply, we don’t take the time to build a good conversation. Take some time and have in mind topics such as the last place you visited.

What’s more, women – and people in general – love that others remember something they told to them the last time they talked. So, ask how that went. Preferably, do so if it’s about a happy or fun subject.

8. Display great confidence

Self-confidence is a magnet for women. However, if you are on this page, the chances are that you are not the most confident person on the planet. Fortunately, most people are not super confident. They just pretend it, and you can do it too.

Women see confident men as more dominant, which is a fundamental trait for them in a guy.

Some basic tips to show yourself as a more confident person include:

  • Talk slowly. People tend to speak fast when nervous. Therefore, talk more slowly, and you will look composed
  • Recognize you are a worthy person. We men are the prize!
  • Exercise regularly. Exercising is the quickest way to improve one’s self-esteem and self-confidence at least a little
  • Improve at all areas of your life. Invest time in your health, business, and hobbies
  • Lead conversations every time

Ultimately, every man that is successful and has ambition is an interesting man for a woman. Every improvement you make it’s a step forward in the right direction.

Knowing that there is plenty of women and that you are a valuable man will give you an edge over your competitors.

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