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7 Signs Someone is Being Fake Nice: Learn How to Spot a Fake Nice Person Face-to-Face and Through Text

Being the object of a fake nice person and not knowing it is uncomfortable. Usually, everybody around us notices it, yet we are the last ones to do so.

Meanwhile, we naively waste time and kindness on that person.

Fake nice people are often jealous of you or worry too much about the opinion of others.

If you suspect someone is acting like your friend but might stab you in the back soon, you will likely find this post useful.

Here are 7 signs someone is being fake nice.

How to Spot a Fake Nice Person

What often drives a person to fake niceness is that they hate themselves. They wish to be more like you or want to protect their reputation in front of others.

They will pretend to be your friend, only to manipulate you and see you do worse than them. Keep your eyes open to these seven characteristics of a fake person.

1. They are only nice when they have a hidden agenda (they swing between hot and cold)

Everybody has a bad day or two. When that happens, it is normal that we treat people a little distant.

However, if a person’s mood swings too often, it might indicate you of a fake nice personality.

You can tell someone is not an authentic friend if they are good to you in front of many people or when they ask you favors through text message.

Meanwhile, they won’t be able to sustain a friendly attitude for too long when you start interactions. That person is likely to avoid you in person or take lots of time to reply to your messages.

2. They don’t respect people with less than them 

Authentically kind people treat the powerful and the humble equally. Those who fake their sympathy have a preference for people with power. For example:

  • They like to be close to people with power
  • They frequently text people with power
  • They are often unavailable for others

Some telling signs someone is being fake nice are when you have more power than them, but that person doesn’t have other friends in common with you.

Also, if people suddenly neglect current friends when they meet new people with more money and power.

3. They are desperate for attention

When people fake niceness, they do it usually because they have ulterior motives. Therefore, they can’t stand that the other person ignores them.

Mostly, excessive attention happens when a fake nice person wants to obtain something out of you. You will likely observe a little adulation coming from them too.

They might want to want help with their work/homework, hang out in the same places as you, etc.

4. They show off all the time

Someone who envies you treats you well discreetly. However, these people won’t lose many opportunities to show you they are better than you.

Likewise, there are many people with lots of money in the bank. But they rarely exhibit their wealth.

Kindness and humbleness often go hand in hand. You can spot fake nice people when they swear they are kind to everybody but constantly show their possessions live or on social media.

5. They gossip a lot

A gossip person is hardly authentically nice. They often betray your confidence during a conversation with you to find out something specific about your life.

Typically, gossipers talk about all their acquaintances. So, even if this person is your best friend or something similar, at some point, it is apparent they’ll gossip about you.

Consequently, they will be acting a bit hypocritical when talking to you after telling someone else about you.

6. They criticize others to make themselves look great

Good people don’t make jokes of others to make the group laugh. Likewise, they’d feel happy for their friends’ accomplishments.

No matter how nice that person behaves in front of you. If they constantly criticize or ridicule, you are in front of a fake nice personality.

Fake people often need to feel superior. They are narcissists and manipulators.

For that reason, fake nice people will try to make themselves look better than others. They don’t want to lose your attention.

7. They try hard to make people like them

Ironically, true friends tend to neglect their buddies a bit because they feel comfortable with them. They don’t have to prove anything.

Likewise, honest people don’t try too hard to like new people. They know they will be okay either alone or with their current friends.

Meanwhile, fake nice people have a hard time acting naturally.

Someone who wants to take advantage of your power or influence will likely act extra agreeable and gentle.

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