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How To Be More Interesting Over Text: 5 Unknown Ways to Make a Conversation Interesting on Text

Making people enjoy talking to us over text is paramount for our social life. You know you can achieve great things – especially with girls – if you can make yourself appear fascinating and funny when chatting.

Good news. The following principles and psychological tips you can learn on how to be more interesting over text. You’ll get ahead of your competition.

Here are 5 tips that will make people love talking to you.

1. Don’t speak about negative topics

People associate two close ideas together. Therefore, if you constantly speak with someone about sad or negative topics, they’ll start to think that you bring sadness and negativity.

On the other hand, if you focus on speaking about funny things, good news, etc., people will think of you as a positive person.

However, avoiding negative topics is not always easy. Sometimes, you’ll need to support someone you care about and listen or read a sad story that occurred to them. Then, your mission is to not stay too long on that topic and finish the conversation with a positive note.

2. Don’t overextend conversations

Chatting for too long can backfire on you. Be careful. Spending too much time talking with someone on the phone can cause a wrong impression of us on other people.

For example, women may think that a man that spends a couple of hours in a row chatting is a man with no ambition and no purpose in life. If we care about a woman romantically, that is one of the worst things a man can communicate to her.

man talking on the phone

So, what should you do? When the conversation is at its peak – both are laughing and enjoying a good time – you need to say goodbye to the other person. But don’t worry. Leaving at the right time makes other people wish to talk to you again soon.

Besides, keep in mind that people remember more clearly the beginning and end of a conversation.

If you speak with someone for 60 minutes, that other person – especially girls – might think it was enough for a week. However, leaving the conversation after 30 minutes when you two were having a good time, your friend or crush is likely to send you a text again after 48 hours or so. You’ll get to chat with the person you like for more time in the long run.

That doesn’t mean you should never chat for more than 30 minutes with your crush. In fact, doing so once in a while may strengthen your relationship. However, it is something to be very aware of, especially at the early stages of the seduction process.

3. Be concise

Men must follow these two rules of conversation:

  • Reply with short texts
  • Reply with the fewer number of messages possible

First, men that want to start a relationship with a woman should avoid long texts. Long texts show that you care too much. Consequence? You appear a little needy. Appearing needy is terrible for the game of power that is love.

too much messages

Plus, long texts are a bit more boring than short texts. Reply with one-sentence messages if feasible. Of course, send a longer message whenever you feel the benefits will be great!

On top of that, it’s better to avoid sending multiple texts as a reply. When a man constantly replies with several messages, he gives the impression of having scattered thoughts. Numerous girls dislike it. When you are concise, you convey the message that you have plenty of confidence in your words.

4. Don’t reply to the first text within seconds

Being overly available displays you as a man without professional ambition. Also, it might make you appear a bit needy. If you are trying to seduce a girl, it’s a good idea to make her know that your success is your priority. Otherwise, you would give her too much power in the relationship.

As always, there are exceptions like an emergency or if she might need a quick favor. Ultimately, she needs a man that provides value to her. Nevertheless, be careful not to pay too much attention to your phone.

Also, taking any opportunity to start a long conversation can turn women off. Even if you two have fun while talking.

Lastly, if she takes 20 minutes to reply, don’t reply instantly. Take around 20 minutes too.

5. Say what you think is funny or interesting

Own every word you say. Confident people don’t regret anything they tell if they genuinely thought it was interesting or funny.

Bestselling author Dr. Robert Glover says that it is rough edges that make a person interesting.

Being authentic will allow you to discover who really likes you. Besides, it makes texting a more fun, relaxed experience like it is supposed to be.

No matter if a girl or someone else disagrees with you or doesn’t share your hobbies. It only means you are an intelligent, confident man that thinks for himself.

Fully believe in yourself. Nothing worse than a person that pretends to be someone who is not over text.

Taking Your Game to a New Level

If you learn these texting tips correctly, your seduction game will skyrocket. Texting is one of the primary uses most people give to their phones; however, only a few take the time to learn how to make the most of it.

Subconsciously impress that person you like so much.

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